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Monday, August 01, 2011

Multiple unrelated Battery arrests; Weekend incident report

08-01-11 Multiple unrelated Battery arrests; Weekend incident report

  Arrested: Chakubuta Akili, 27, Boise

   Charges: Attempting to Disarm an Officer (F), Battery on an Officer (F), Resisting and Obstructing (m)

    A Boise Police Officer was driving in a marked patrol car on Main between 6th and 5th street Friday, July 29th, at approximately 10:00 p.m. when the suspect darted out into the street in front of the police vehicle. The officer had to slam on his brakes to avoid striking the bicycle rider, who continued to ride away. The officer noted the bicycle did not have reflectors or lights and activated his emergency lights to talk to the rider. The suspect continued to ride away. The officer pulled ahead of the suspect blocking his path and exited the patrol car. The officer issued commands to the suspect, who ultimately walked directly toward the officer and began throwing punches, striking the officer in the face. At one point, the suspect placed both hands on the officer weapon and attempted to rip it free of the holster. The officer managed to get free of the suspect and deploy a Taser, which had no effect on the suspect. Three adult male citizens, who saw what was going on, approached the scene and offered to assist the officer. As the presence of the three men distracted the suspect, the officer was able to take the suspect into custody when additional officers arrived on scene. The suspect was transported to the Ada County Jail and booked on the above listed charges.


  Arrested: Maribel Ortiz, 25, Caldwell

   Charges: Battery on an Officer (F), Battery (m)

    Boise Police witnessed a fight taking place at 6th and Main early Saturday morning, July 30th, at approximately 2:00 a.m. As officers attempted to break up the struggle the suspect struck one officer in the face. As the officer took her into custody the suspect struck and kicked the officer. Witnesses tell police the suspect had been involved in a battery just prior to officers arrival resulting in the simple battery charge. The suspect was transported to the Ada County Jail and booked on the above listed charges.


  Arrested: Blake J. Old, 26, Boise

   Charges: Burglary (F), Violation of a Civil Protection Order (m)

  Arrested: Janice R. Oliver, 22, Eagle

   Charges: Burglary (F)

    Boise Police responded to a report of a Burglary at a Boise Bench home Sunday, July 31st, at approximately 3:00 p.m. The victim tells police the suspects, who are known to him, had broken into the residence and fled on foot. Officers located the suspects in the immediate area and took them into custody without incident. Evidence indicates the suspects broke into the home some time during the prior evening and stayed the night. When the victim returned home Sunday, the pair fled. A current civil protection order is in place between the victim and Blake Old resulting in the violation charge. The suspects were transported to the Ada County Jail and booked on the above listed charges.


  Arrested: Sebastian A. Tanner-Vanegas, 18, Boise

   Charges: Possession of a Controlled Substance With Intent to Deliver (Marijuana)(F)

   Boise Police responded to a citizen report of possible drug activity at a park on the 1200 block of West Heron Sunday, July 31st, at approximately 7:30 p.m. As officers approached three suspects one of them fled the area. A Boise Police K-9 named Kamo alerted on a backpack belonging to Tanner-Vanegas indicating the likely presence of drugs. A search of the pack revealed several plastic baggies with small amounts of marijuana, packaging materials and other items of drug paraphernalia. The suspect was booked at the Ada County Jail on the above listed charges.


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Release Prepared By:

Charles McClure
Boise Police Public Information