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Friday, July 15, 2011

Twilight race route will be Clear of Clutter!

07-15-11 Twilight race route will be Clear of Clutter!

   Boise Police Downtown Neighborhood Contact Officer Jim Schiffler says the effort is part of an ongoing project to keep downtown looking and feeling cleaner and safer (See news release posted 11/12/10: )

   The effort is part of an ongoing education and enforcement campaign in downtown Boise, as described in this news release from the DBA, also issued last November:
Public poles have always been the target for the posting of signs and posters advertising events, concerts, etc.  The practice is especially problematic in the downtown core. Downtown business & property owners and the Downtown Clean Team spend countless hours removing posters. Not only is it an eyesore, it creates problems for the utilities when it comes time to repaint or service the poles.

The Downtown Boise Association and the Boise Police Department are trying to educate promoters and anyone else who may be posting signs, flyers, or other materials about the problems this can create. The posting of posters, signs and stickers on these poles is also unlawful under Idaho Code: Chapter 70, 18-7029 and violators can be cited for the offense.

The Downtown Boise Association mission is to be the steward for the promotion and operation of downtown Boise as an attractive, safe and vibrant place to work, shop, live and play.

   Officers want to remind citizens that posting items on light and power poles is a misdemeanor under Idaho and Boise City Code, with a possible penalty to include a $1,000 fine!
   Officers and the DBA say a number of downtown businesses allow posters in their windows or bulletin boards. Citizens are urged to use those spaces and help keep downtown clean for residents and visitors, and this weekend, for bike recers and race fans!

   For a map of the race route for the Boise Twilight Criterium: