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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shoplifting Ring Busted; Second ring caught in the act in a week

Shoplifting Ring Busted; Second ring caught in the act in a week

    Boise, July 12, 2011 - The Boise Police Organized Retail Crime Unit is alerting local stores to watch out for professional shoplifting rings. Suspects in two such rings have been arrested after being caught in the act of burglarizing two different Boise retailers in the past week. Officers say the shoplifting rings are well choreographed and can take stores for hundreds or thousands of dollars in losses... losses consumers pay for at the register. 

    "Every time we go into a store, we pay higher prices because the stores have to cover their losses from theft," said Curt Crum of the Boise Police Organized Retail Crime Unit. "In Boise, we have had great success partnering with local retailers to share information and be pro-active in trying to identify potential shoplifters and lower losses. This crime takes a heavy toll on an important part of Boise's business community, but it is something we can impact, and send the message to would be thieves, Boise is not the place to come if your intent is shoplifting."

    What Happened: Investigators with the Boise Police Organized Retail Crime Unit were contacted Monday afternoon, July 11th by an alert employee working security at a shopping area near Franklin Rd. and N. Milwaukee Street. When officers arrived they actually watched the suspects take numerous items of high-end name brand clothing from the store without paying. The suspects were detained by officers as they were about the enter their car. Further investigation revealed the stolen items value at near $900. 

    Arrested: Jessica Padilla, 25, Granger, WA

    Arrested: Yesenia Rangel-Reyes, 18, Granger, WA

    Arrested: Rosa Reyes*, 44, Sunnyside, WA

    Charged: Burglary (F)

    *Suspect Rosa Reyes was also found by Boise Police to be in possession of several checks reported stolen out of Washington State. Ada County Prosecutors say additional charges are pending against Rosa Reyes for Grand Theft by Possession, a felony. 

    Additional: All 3 suspects listed above were arrested after a similar organized retail fraud incident in Meridian by Meridian Police June 25, 2011. 

    Second shoplifting ring arrested in Boise in a week: Boise Police arrested three suspects on felony Burglary charges last Thursday after they were observed by officers in a similar, organized shoplifting incident. Officers believe these groups work together to steal items from retailers possibly for re-sale on e-commerce sites or to be taken out of the area for re-sale. See the news release issued July 8th on for more on the July 7th incident and those arrested. 

    Shoplifting Costs Consumers: National Retailers estimate more than $30 billion worth of goods are stolen from retailers each year. Shoplifting affects more than the offender. It can overburden police and the courts, adds to a store's security expenses, costs consumers more for goods and costs communities lost dollars in sales taxes.**

    About the Boise Police Organized Retail Crime Unit: The Unit includes two full time investigators who have developed a positive, productive working relationship with loss prevention agents from many local retail stores, large and small, local and national chains. The goal of the BPD Organized Retail Crime Unit is to work with retailers to reduce theft and fraud, crimes that often impact consumer prices.