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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

BPD makes DUI 21 arrests this holiday weekend.

07-05-11 BPD makes DUI 21 arrests this holiday weekend.

    Boise, July 5, 2011 - UPDATE: The Boise Police Department ended the long holiday weekend with 21 DUI arrests, including two felony DUI's.

    Drunk Driving enforcement is a priority for all Boise Police officers on patrol. This weekend's arrests however, were aided by additional DUI patrols on the streets thanks to a grant from the Idaho Transportation Department's Office of Highway Safety (see news release dated June 29, 2011 at

    Some DUI arrests are thanks to citizens who see dangerous driving, suspect a drunk driver and call 911. Boise Police want to thank citizens for the cooperation and attention to making sure Boise streets can be as safe as possible, over holidays weekends and every day.

    The extra DUI patrols are funded by the grant through July 11th.



    Boise, July 4, 2011 - Boise Police have extra patrols out this holiday weekend looking to keep drunk drivers off the road (see release dated June 29, 2011 at According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the July 4th holiday and the days leading up to and following the holiday are among the deadliest of the year for alcohol-impaired traffic fatalities. NHTSA stats from the past 25 years show that, on average, nearly half of all deadly traffic crashes over each year's July 4th holiday involved some level of alcohol.

    Of the 17 DUI arrests made by Boise Police Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 1st - 3rd, two are felonies. Information on one of those arrests is available and detailed below. Another involved a single vehicle officers found parked on the railroad tracks in East Boise.


Arrested: Charles W. Connell, 34, Boise

Charge: DUI (F), Driving without privileges (m)

    Boise Police were called to a fight in progress at a convenience store on the 500 blk of S. Capitol Blvd. Saturday, July 2nd  shortly after 2:00 p.m. When officers arrived, witnesses were able to give officers a good description of the vehicle belonging to one of the fight suspects who had just driven off. Officers soon found and stopped the vehicle at the intersection of Broadway Ave and E. Myrtle Street. Officers quickly noticed the driver, identified as Connell, smelled strongly of alcohol. They also found evidence the suspect had recently drank two 24 ounce bottles of a beverage containing 8.1% alcohol. The suspect failed field sobriety tests. He was arrested and taken to the Ada County Jail where be blew a .207/.211 BAC. Officers found Connell had a previous criminal history involving a prior enhanced DUI (Above 0.200) within the past five years making this arrest a felony. In addition, Connell's driving privileges are currently suspended following the previous DUI, adding the DWP charge.


Arrested: Johnny W. Seymore, 59, Meridian

Charge: DUI (m)

    Boise Police were called to a report of a small pick up truck parked on the railroad tracks at I-84 near E. Gowen Rd. Sunday, July 3rd approx 7:30 p.m. When officers arrived they found the truck had apparently left S. Eisenman Rd, driven off of the road and up the steep embankment, stopping on the railroad tracks.  Officers identified the driver as Seymore, who was standing in a nearby parking lot. While talking with the driver, officers could see his eyes were glassy and bloodshot and his speech was slurred. The driver failed field sobriety tests. He was arrested and taken to the Ada County Jail where he blew a .187/.188.