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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Victims phone call helps officers find stolen items; drunk driver leaves designated driver on side of the road; daily incident report

06-28-11 Victims phone call helps officers find stolen items; drunk driver leaves designated driver on side of the road; daily incident report

Arrested: Joshua R. Simmons, 20, Boise
Arrested: William D. Boike, Jr, 18, Boise
Charges: Burglary (F) 2 cts, Grand Theft (F) 2 cts

    Boise Police were called Monday morning, June 27th by an employee of a business who deals in second hand goods. The employee was wary that items being brought in for sale were stolen. The employee told officers the store had received a call from a citizen earlier that morning describing golf clubs just discovered stolen from a vehicle in the Surprise Valley neighborhood of East Boise. The store clerk recognized the golf clubs brought in by the suspects as matching the description of the stolen clubs. Officers arrived at the store and found the two suspects, identified as Simmons and Boike, still on scene, and also in possession of several baseball bats, a GPS unit and a pair of high-end sunglasses. Those items had also been reported stolen from a vehicle in the same East Boise neighborhood overnight. The suspects were arrested and booked into the Ada County Jail on the above charges.

    Investigating officers say there's evidence the vehicles were left unlockedovernight when the items were taken.

Arrested: Carmen L. Sanders, 33, Boise
Charges: Aggravated battery (F), Battery (m), Malicious Injury to Property (vandalism - m)

    Boise Police were called at 12:48 this morning to a fight at a home near N. Orchard St & Franklin Road. When officers arrived, they found the suspect, Sanders, and another adult female outside the home. A second female was still inside. After investigating, officers found evidence the suspect, Sanders, had come to the home and an argument began. Sanders is accused of hitting one of the women who were at the home with a metal rod (aggravated battery), and of hitting the second victim (misdemeanor battery). She's also accused of throwing an iron and damaging the windshield of one of the victim's vehicles. Officers called paramedics and one victim was hospitalized following the altercation for an unrelated medical condition. The suspect was booked into the Ada County jail on the above charges.

Arrested: Patricia J. Wakely, 23, Boise
Charged: Aggravated Assault (F), Grand Theft (F), DUI (m)

    Boise Police were called by the parent of a teenager late last night asking officers to help find the teen who apparently had been left on the side of the road by the suspect. Officers quickly located the teen on Federal Way. She told officers she'd driven to pick up the suspect to take her home because the suspect had been drinking. While in the car, the victim says, the suspect hit and pushed her trying to take control of the vehicle. The teen driver got out of the car and the suspect began to drive, headed straight toward the teen, who told officers she had to get out of the way to avoid being hit (agg assault). The owner of the car says the suspect did not have permission to be driving the vehicle (grand theft). Officers soon found the suspect had abandoned the car and was walking a short distance away. She failed field sobriety tests and blew a .255/.253 BAC at the Ada County jail.