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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three Boise Police Officers named TOP COPS!

Three Boise Police Officers named TOP COPS!

    Boise, May 12, 2011 - Three Boise Police Officers will visit the White House this afternoon and meet with President Obama after being honored with the prestigious TOP COPS Award®. NAPO, the National Association of Police Organizations awards just ten TOP COP honors each year. 

    According to NAPO: The purpose of the TOP COPS Awards® is to educate the American public about our nation’s heroes and to pay tribute to law enforcement officers in federal, state, county, and local agencies from across the country for actions above and beyond the call of duty.


  • Officer Jason Rose
  • Officer Adam Crist
  • Officer Casey Hancuff

    While in DC, the officers will also meet with Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, and tonight attend the award ceremony emceed by John Walsh, host of FOX’s America’s Most Wanted.  Many celebrities from NBC’s hit programs Law and Order, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and CBS’s NCIS, Cold Case and CSI: Miami as well as NFL Hall-of-Famer John Riggins, will serve as award presenters.

    WHAT HAPPENED: Officers Rose, Hancuff and Crist earned the TOP COP honor because of their quick action that saved a woman's life following a call of an "active shooter" August 21, 2010. Dispatchers directed the officers to the call as they heard a woman on the phone yelling frantically that a man had broken into her home and shots were being fired. 

    Officers Rose, Hancuff and Crist were among several officers to force entry into the home. The officers knew a woman and four children were inside, but did not knowing where the shooter was. 

    Officers Rose, Hancuff and Crist immediately saw the woman down and bleeding heavily from several leg wounds. The woman was not responsive and appeared deceased. While the threat from the shooter was still unknown, Officers Rose, Hancuff and Crist applied direct pressure to stop the bleeding from the victim’s femoral artery. The officers used their hobbles to apply a tourniquet. Officer Hancuff kept the tourniquet tight, though his hands were losing circulation from the constant pressure. Officer Rose kept the victim's leg elevated to help slow the blood loss. Officer Crist held the woman’s hands and spoke to her, encouraging her to stay strong and not give up.

    After several minutes, the officer's say a faint spark of life appeared in the woman’s eyes. She struggled to regain consciousness and Officer Crist continued to speak to her. She could not speak, but slowly was able to use her hands to signal to the officers that she’d been shot four times by an estranged ex-boyfriend.   

    Ada County Paramedics arrived and instructed the officers to apply a second tourniquet. Officers Hancuff and Rose accompanied paramedics and rode with the victim in the ambulance to the hospital, continuing to clinch the tourniquet so tight that a nurse at the hospital had to eventually unwind the hobbles from their hands. The woman survived.

    Other officers at the scene also heroically searched the home to make sure the children were safe. Officers found the shooter not far from where the woman was lying. He was found deceased due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

    "A man ran out saying, ‘He’s in there, kids are in there and he’s killing them.'" 


    Officer Casey Hancuff:  

    "We grouped up real quick and all looked at each other and said, this is an active shooter. We train for this and everyone knew they took an important role. We saw a bullet hole in the door. Officer Crist booted the door. We went around to the side and cleared the side and the yard. We saw the dog go inside and someone yelled two people were down. She was right inside the door. I looked down and she wasn’t moving. It didn’t look like she was breathing and I saw the hole in her leg.

    "I told Adam, let the paramedics tells us we’re wasting our time, and we began working on her. I put a tourniquet on. I was worried about losing pressure, that’s why Jason and I put two on, so we wouldn’t lose pressure and possibly lose her.

    "We were in the ambulance, holding that pressure and praying. I didn’t know if what we were doing was going to work. We just kept thinking she has four kids. We didn’t want them left without their mom.

    "It sounds cliché but what’s most gratifying is I know we did what any of us would have done. I looked around and saw everybody had found a place to help, either with her, getting the kids out of the house, securing the suspect. It was an amazing effort by a lot of us that night. It’s gratifying to see and even more gratifying to be a part of it.

    "I am very humbled to be named a TOP COP by NAPO. The honor is overwhelming. I am very proud to be recognized with Officer Crist and Officer Rose, two colleagues I admire very much."

    Officer Jason Rose:

    "Looking back on this call, sometimes you wonder how you’ll react under that kind of pressure. I actually did what I hoped I would do. Everyone there that night got done what needed to get done, and a mom and kids are alive because of it.

    "This was a call where you fall back on your training and do what has to be done. The focus was on keeping her alive. It took 3 of us. She was bleeding out pretty bad. I thought we had lost her a couple times. We lifted her legs up and had two tourniquets on her just to keep the blood from running out of the multiple holes in her legs. You could see the life draining out of her.

    "The suspect was lying on the floor just ten feet from us, still breathing. There was broken glass and broken furniture everywhere.

    "Adam was at her head and Casey and I were holding so tight onto the tourniquets our fingers went numb. I was holding so tight, we rode with her to the ambulance, and by the time we got to St. Al’s, I couldn’t move my hands.

    "It’s awesome, it feels great knowing her kids have their mom there. No one loves you like your mom, and those kids need her. She’s had some rough times, but she pulled through. She’s going to have a second chance and I think what we did may have helped provide that. It’s a good feeling.

    "I was completely taken back to hear I’d been named among the TOP COPS. It’s an unbelievable honor, I’m very excited."

    Officer Adam Crist:

    "I am very excited and very humbled to be awarded such a great honor. To still be relatively young in my career and to be honored with officers who have such long, distinguished careers, officers who are my mentors and role models is indeed a terrific honor.

    "This incident happened on the busiest night I’ve ever worked. Boise had a major wind storm blow through, we had houses on fire, power was out, trees were down on streets and blocking roads, and then this call came in.

    "When we rolled up on scene, a man ran out saying, ‘He’s in there, kids are in there and he’s killing them.' I remember thinking I need to get in there and stop him from doing that. I need to stop him from killing people.

    "You just don’t stop to think about it. You want me make sure you’re safe and you know you have the best officers around to work with you, but your job is to protect people and my instinct was to get in there and stop him, whatever that took.

    "To be able to work as a team and go into the house to save those people made all the difference. I knew Casey was with me and we started helping her out (the woman shot by the suspect). Then I looked up to see both Jason and Casey there. Those are the guys you want to go into battle with, they’ll have your back. With their experience and knowledge, Jason and Casey are the type of guys you want by your side.

    "It was a tragic event, but to be able to help her and have her alive today to be able to take care of her kids is a great feeling. She has two kids with special needs and they need their mom. It’s a great feeling to be able to say, hey, I was able to help someone out like that. It’s just a really great feeling."


    Naming Officers Rose, Hancuff and Crist as TOP COPS is the third time Boise Officers have received the prestigious honor.

    In 2008, Boise Officer Brek Orton was honored for his life saving efforts after jumping in the Boise River and pulling a drowning woman to shore.

    In 2009, Officers Jason Rose and Chris Davis were honored for running through flames during the raging Oregon Trail Fire alerting and evacuating residents.

    The TOP COPS award pays tribute to the men and women in law enforcement for their outstanding service to America's communities. NAPO, the National Association of Police Organizations awards just ten TOP COP honors each year from hundreds of nominations. Other officers earning the honor this year include those from police departments in the cities of the Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Oklahoma City, Chandler, Arizona, Polk County, Florida, Berkely County, South Carolina, Suffolk County, NY, Missoula County, Montana, NCIS - Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and the FBI.

    All proceeds from the TOP COPS Awards® benefit the Police Research and Education Project (PREP), Napo’s 501(c)(3) sister organization which promotes the well-being of officers and their families and educates and informs the public about the role of law enforcement in a democratic society.

    NAPO is a coalition of more than 1,000 police units and associations representing 241,000 rank and file law enforcement officers from across the United States.  For more than thirty years, NAPO has been instrumental in the passage of many important laws protecting citizens and police officers.