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Friday, May 06, 2011

BPD Unveils New Logo, New Car, New Officer Safety Improvements!

BPD Unveils New Logo, New Car, New Officer Safety Improvements!

    Boise, May 6, 2011 - For the first time in 25 years, the Boise Police Department has a new look!

    Today, Chief of Police Michael Masterson unveiled a new department patch and logo, a new patrol car, and a new car design. The redesigns follow months of research and effort by Boise Police employees. BPD employee committee did much of the design work, as well as selection of the new vehicle. 

    Notably, Boise Police employees also worked with local companies to refine the designs and actually create new products to add to officer and public safety on the new patrol vehicles.

    "But we realized it was an opportunity for more than just a new look. It meant a chance to actually create a new patrol vehicle." said Chief Masterson.

    Boise Police have worked for the past two years with a local company, the ECCO Group, to design new, advanced emergency lighting for the department's patrol cars. The new vehicle will be the first in the country to be equipped with emergency lights embedded into the large front bumper. The design will mean added visibility and safety as officers enter intersections.

    "The new Dodge Charger is more comfortable and more maneuverable than the previous models we've used. But safety is paramount," said Chief Masterson. "This car incorporates some of the latest safety innovations available for police. We think it's an excellent car and will meet the needs of this department and this city very well."

    "We're very proud of the new design on the patch and vehicles as well. The designs are modern and bold, but also carry on some meaningful traditions, like the "thin blue line" representing our officers that stand between good and evil, the blue ribbon in memory of fallen officers, and the Statehouse, the trees and the American flags that are images that portray our position as the police for Idaho's Capital City. These new designs move us well into the future, but carry those symbols that have become important to us and this community."

    Joining Chief Masterson at today's unveiling included numerous invited guests, like Vern Bisterfeldt, retired Boise Police, former Boise City Council, now an Ada County Commissioner. Then -Officer Bisterfelt designed the first Boise Police patch with the Statehouse logo exactly 50 years ago this month. Other guests included Chris Marshall, President and CEO of the ECCO Group, Chris Thompson, ECCO VP Sales & Marketing, Greg Burke, Nova Product Manager (Nova a division of ECCO), John Yarnell and Jason Keeble of Trademark Sign Company in Boise, Scott Holloway, President, Emergency Responder Services and Dennis Falconer, Boise City Fleet Manager. 

    Boise Police Captain Eugene Smith, who was instrumental in leading the department effort toward the new vehicles and redesigns also spoke at the ceremony, thanking all those whose hard work is reflected in the new, safer, more efficient vehicles.

    "Today ushers in a new era for the Boise Police Department, an era we hope visualizes for our citizens the progressive, professional, problem-solving police department they count on as leaders in public safety," said Chief Masterson. 

    "As Chief for the Boise Police department, now in my seventh year, I have always and continue to be extremely proud of this department. Boise Police have a proud tradition of service going back 150- years. I believe the advancements we’ve announced today will proudly carry this department and the citizens we serve to a safer tomorrow for Americas most livable city."



    Approx 125 marked patrol vehicles

    1.6 Million miles put on BPD fleet in 2010


 First redesign for Boise PD in 25 years.

 Replaces Ford crown Victoria due to go out of production later this year.

 BPD found the change an opportunity to create a new patrol vehicle to best meet needs of department.

 Choice of the Charger comes after months of research by Boise PD.

 Dodge has made the Charger police package since 2006. It is a proven police vehicle. Dodge updated the car’s design for the 2011 model.

 Charger was chosen as the most practical patrol car choice available.

 Options on the vehicle (listed below) selected by Boise Police will make the BPD car one of the safest, most efficient police vehicles on the road.

 ON THE STREET: Boise Police purchased 20 2011 Chargers at a total cost of $490,000 from the department’s current budget. Four of the new Chargers are expected to be on the streets by the end of May. The rest will enter the fleet as they’re equipped for police use.
Officers will continue to drive the white and blue Crown Victorias currently in the fleet until those cars are retired due to wear, damage or high mileage.
It’s estimated it will take a typical 4 – 5 year cycle to replace the current fleet, meaning for the next 4 – 5 years, Boiseans will see officers responding in either the white and blue Ford Crown Victoria or the black Dodge Charger.


The 2011 Dodge Charger with the equipment added by Boise Police is expected to make this vehicle one of the safest police patrol vehicles on the road anywhere:

 Side curtain air bags in the front and rear seats, meaning additional safety for officers in the front seat and anyone riding in the back seat of the vehicle.

 The back has a new seat belt design. The belts latch on the outside, or the door-side of the seat so the officer doesn’t have to reach in over a suspect, to buckle the suspect’s seat belt.

 The backseats of these new cars are hard plastic (they used to be vinyl). The hard plastic makes the seats easier to clean and more sanitary, and being seamless provide a safer officer environment by eliminating places where criminal suspects can hide contraband.

 The V8 offers a quicker response, improving the reaction time when officers need to maneuver quickly and safely through city traffic. Research shows the quicker an officer can get to a suspect vehicle, the less chance of pursuit.

Safety in Suspect Apprehension:

Boise officers are trained in what we call the “PIT” maneuver, Pursuit Intervention Technique. It’s done approx 12 – 15 times per year.

 New cars have a full “PIT” bumper to increase officer safety and dramatically decrease the cost of repairing damage. Costs are estimated to decrease from approx $1,500 in damage to as low as $250 per car.

Safety – Emergency Lights:

Boise Police have been working with a local Boise company, the ECCO Group, for the past two years, testing and refining overhead bars and other lighting for patrol cars. The result on the new BPD Chargers is the newest technology designed for public and officer safety.

 The lights are LED, they’re smaller and more energy efficient.

 Lights are brighter and more versatile. Officers will have added ability to adjust operation for specific circumstances, and be able to synchronize the lights if needed for traffic control.

 The front bumpers have emergency lights embedded that are brighter and more visible as an officers enters an intersection.  For example. Side projection provides early warning as the front of the vehicle moves past surrounding or stationary vehicles and objects.

COMFORT & EFFICIENCY (also means officer safety!):

 Handles and is small enough to maneuver well in city traffic.

 Has a good size trunk that easily carries necessary equipment
Is the best fit for officers regardless of the officer’s size, important for officer safety.

Charger’s interior center console is a new, improved design:

 Designed by officers to meet their needs.

 Is constructed to allow two officers to ride comfortably in the front seat, with their communications and safety equipment.

 Allows officers to use smaller lap tops, meaning more room to move.

 The smaller lap tops are Panasonic touch-screen technology. Not only efficient, but also a safety feature providing officers necessary information on calls quicker and with fewer keystrokes.

 New lap tops are also dockable – meaning the officer’s workstation is portable, easily going from car to office allowing more efficiency.


Costs for patrol vehicles, like most equipment, continues to rise. The entire cost to buy and equipment a patrol vehicle is approx $35,000. However, Boise Police expect cost efficiencies with the new vehicles in several areas.

 The Chargers have a longer, 5-year, 100,000 powertrain warranty, a longer warranty than BPD has had in the past.

 Gas Mileage: These cars are V-8’s. Even with the V8, BPD anticipates getting about 13.5 miles per gallon, a 2-mile per gallon increase over the Crown Victoria now in use. Savings are potentially sizable considering BPD put 1.6 Million miles on the department fleet last year.

 Introduction and retirement of Vehicle Savings = estimated $1,500 - $2,000 per vehicle. Not painting the hood and trunk saves approx. $600 per car. The Charger also presents additional re-sale value.

BOISE BUSINESSES involved in emergency vehicle production:

Two Boise businesses have been instrumental in supplying Boise City with expertise, products and services critical to building emergency vehicles:

 The ECCO Group - Chris Marshall, President, CEO – makers of commercial and public safety vehicle lighting. ECCO has asked permission and will pay expenses to ship one of the new BPD marked patrol units to Pasadena, California later this month for the Police Fleet Expo West. ECCO hopes the new technology on the vehicle will enhance businesses opportunities for their Boise-based operations.
This opportunity will also showcase Boise, Idaho to the Western US law enforcement community, represent the department and community as progressive, show the state of the art equipment available to officers employed by Boise Police Department, and provide opportunities for recruitment of skilled officers.

 Emergency Responder Services - Scott Holloway, President - ERS provides expert installation of specialty components. With the contract to build Boise City emergency vehicles, ERS moved several employees from Portland to Boise and now uses their Boise location to build emergency vehicles for agencies throughout Idaho.


Created by a committee of Boise Police employees and Trademark Sign Company, 4948 Morris Hill Rd., Boise.
The design is new, bold and modern, but carries with it department tradition and symbolism.

 The black car represents the tradition of the very first Boise Police cars a century ago.

 The blue stripe continues a 25-year Boise Police tradition and reflect the ‘thin blue line’ of officers who protect our community every day.

 The design of the car is meant to reflect the mission of the Boise Police Department – to Protect, Serve and Lead our community to a safer tomorrow. Those words are actually on the back of the vehicle.

 The Mark Stall ribbon. Boise Police cars began displaying the blue ribbon in 1997 just after Officer Stall was killed in the line of duty. The blue ribbon is a symbol worn at officer memorials all around the country. It serves as a reminder that officers put their lives on the line every day to protect our community, and that protecting our officers is a priority.


1940s & 50’s – Hudson

1960’s, 70’s, until 1988 –Ford Galaxie, Pontiac Grand Prix, Chevrolet Impala

1988 – 1990 – Chevrolet Impala, Ford Crown Victoria

1991 – 1996 - Chevrolet Caprice

1996 - 2010 - Ford Crown Victoria

2011 – Dodge Charger

Car designs have gone from black to grey to black & white to light blue.

The design used from 1986 - 2010 is the white car with the hood, trunk and side stripes painted dark blue.