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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Fast acting witness helps officers arrest robbery suspects; K9 helps in drug arrest; BPD daily incident report

04-05-11 Fast acting witness helps officers arrest robbery suspects; K9 helps in drug arrest; BPD daily incident report

    Arrested: Braden T. Barnes, 26, Boise

    Charged: Aggravated Assault 3 cts (F), Robbery (F), DUI (m)

    Arrested: Amanda R. Beacham, 35, Boise

    Charged: Robbery (F)

    "We have to give a huge thank you to the witness who saw this robbery taking place, yelled out to interrupt it, and called police asap," said Lt. Alan Cavener, Boise Police Patrol Watch Commander. "As he was walking his dog, hee was alert to his surroundings, was able to give an accurate description of the suspect vehicle so quiclky that officers were able to find the truck and arrest the suspects."

    "This was a violent, unpredictable crime and we owe this witness a lot of thanks for helping us find the pair we think is responsible." said Lt. Cavener.

    What Happened: Boise Police were called by a witness to a robbery last night at 10:43 p.m. in the parking lot of Camel's Back Park at 13th and Heron Streets. When the first officer arrived he met with three people standing by a car in the parking lot, two teens, a boy and a girl, and a man in his 20's who lives nearby and had been walking his dog. 

    The two teens told officers they had been playing soccer in the park earlier and then were sitting in the girl's car talking when they saw two people unknown to them, a man and woman approach their car. The woman began to tap on the drivers side door while the male walked over to the passenger side where the teenage boy was sitting. When the boy opened the door, the male suspect pulled him out and witnesses say began yelling at the boy to give him all his drugs and money. When the boy told the suspect he didn't have either, the suspect took the boy's wallet and searched through it. He then threw the wallet when he found it contained no cash. 

    The man walking his dog saw what was happening and yelled at the suspects that he was calling the police. The man and woman then got into a nearby pick up truck, an older model Ford parked nearby. The witness had a flashlight with him and began to shine it on the truck in an attempt to get the license plate. At that time, according to all three victims, the driver of the truck swerved toward them, forcing the three to jump out of the way to avoid being hit.

    Officers broadcast a description of the truck and moments later an officer patrolling State Street saw the truck pull into a bar at State & Collister. The officer made contact with the two occupants of the truck. After investigating, officers found evidence the driver of the truck, identified as Barnes, was  the suspect in the robbery and the aggravated assault that occurred when he reportedly tried to hit the victims and witness with his truck. The female passenger, identified as Beacham was also believed to be the the female involved in the robbery.

    As officers spoke with Barnes in the bar parking lot, he appeared to be intoxicated. Following further investigation, he was cited for DUI. Both suspects were booked into the Ada County Jail on the above charges. 


    Arrested: Charles D. Mefford, 28, Caldwell

    Charged: Delivery of a Controlled Substance - Marijuana (F), Possession of drug paraphernalia (m), Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit (m)

    Arrested: Tahnee L. Sims, 27, Boise

    Charged: Controlled substance possession - warrant (F)

    A Boise Police patrol officer driving south on Orchard at approx 1:30  this morning saw a vehicle make a left turn and a lane change without using turn signals. The officer stopped the vehicle on Roosevelt just south of Overland. The driver, Sims was found to have a felony no bond warrant for controlled substance possession and was arrested. Officers called for a drug detection K9. A passenger in Sims car, Mefford, would initially not exit the vehicle when officers ordered him to do so. When he did, the K9 alerted to the area of the back seat where Mefford had been sitting. There, officers found an expandable baton covered by a men's coat. A records check found Mefford does not possess a concealed weapons permit. Next to the baton, officers also found and a small black bag containing approximately 20 grams total package weight of a green leafy substance that field tested positive for marijuana. In the same bag, officers found numerous plastic baggies, a capped needle, a digital scale and in Mefford's possession, several hundred dollars in cash. The suspects were taken to the Ada County Jail and booked on the above charges. 


    Fire Call: Boise firefighters were called to a report of a woman who fell from a second story window in an apartment building on the corner of 12th & Washington at 2:48 this morning. When firefighters arrived, they found the woman in her 20's had apparently fallen through an open window, broke through the screen and fell approx. 20- feet into a light shaft. The light shaft is a relatively small, approx 6' x 6' open column built into the older building to allow light from the roof to filter into apartments. The shaft is protected by apartment windows.

    Members of the Boise Fire Department technical rescue team responded. They found the woman conscious and alert but complaining of pain and a possible leg injury. Tech rescue team members train for confined space rescues. Using a harness that protected the woman's neck and back firefighters safely lifted her into a first floor apartment where she was then taken to the hospital by Ada County EMS. 

    At this time, exactly how the woman fell, or of others were in the apartment with her at the time still isn't clear. Boise Police also responded and are investigating.