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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Local dentist volunteers to help Police K-9

02-23-11 Local dentist volunteers to help Police K-9

     Boise, Feb 23, 2011 - Ruwa, the four year old Boise Police Service Dog who lost a tooth while apprehending a suspect last week is well on his way to recovery thanks to a local dentist... a "people" dentist!

     Yesterday, Ruwa received a root canal and all the prep work needed to prepare him for a new replacement ceramic tooth. Molds were taken of Ruwa's existing canine tooth and the broken portion of his missing tooth to create the ceramic replacement, which dentists say should last several years, even for a hard working police dog. 

    The precision dentistry was done by Dr Cynthia McKim of the Boise Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. McKim is acquainted with the Boise Police Officer who is Ruwa's handler. She heard about Ruwa's tooth injury and volunteered her expertise. Dr. McKim consulted experts and researched veterinary techniques prior to the procedure. The services of one of the regions best cosmetic dentists turned out to be needed. The only canine dental expert would not be available for several weeks. 

    "I am doing this complimentary. It's a unique opportunity in my career and I am able to give back to the organization that does so much for us all the time." said Cynthia McKim, 

    Tuesday, Dr. McKim and her staff travelled to the Intermountain Pet Hospital in Meridian to do the procedure, which took more than two hours to complete. During the operation, Ruwa was under general anaesthesia, requiring a team of experts to monitor his progress, much like complex surgery on a human. 

    Dr. McKim and attending veterinarians say the procedure was a complete success. To help Ruwa recover, vets had plenty of Ruwa's favorite snack - string cheese to help him cheer him up. 

    Ruwa's new ceramic tooth should be ready in two weeks.

    "We certainly thank Dr. McKim, her entire staff and the staff at Intermountain Pet Hospital. Ruwa is a hero for apprehending a dangerous suspect and these folks are heroes for coming to his aide," said Lt. Alan Cavener, supervisor of the Boise Police Canine Unit. 

    "We are so fortunate to have people in our community willing to share their talents and support these amazing dogs and our police department. Ruwa will be back at work keeping officers and citizens safe, and he'll be back at full strength sooner thanks to the help of these generous, skilled professionals. We're very, very appreciative of their time and expertise." said Lt. Cavener.

    About Ruwa:Ruwa is 4 year old, 88 pound Belgium Malinois. Ruwa was born in Belgium and came to the U.S. about two years ago. He has been a member of the Boise Police department for just more than one year. Ruwa is a certified dual purpose patrol/narcotics detection dog. He loves string cheese.

    For more on the incident that left Ruwa injured, log onto the Boise Police news release issued Feb. 15, 2011. 

    To learn more about the Boise Police Canine Foundation, click here.