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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Boise PD honored for Social Networking!

Boise PD honored for Social Networking!

    Boise, Jan. 6, 2011 - The Boise Police department is proud and honored to be this months featured agency on the homepage of the IACP Center for Social Media. The IACP is the International Association of Chief's of Police, the world's leading professional development organization for law enforcement. The IACP is sharing BPD's use of social networking as a case study for other police agencies to possibly learn from our experience and example. As they say in social networking - Thanks for the shout out, IACP!

    Most importantly, however, engaging the citizens of our community through social networking has been very rewarding, promoting and enhancing the mission of the Boise Police Department: To Protect, Serve and Lead our Community to a Safer Tomorrow. We also feel better engaging our citizens is part of the City of Boise's mission: Making Boise America's Most Liveable City!

    We at BPD hope our citizens enjoy and appreciate the additional communication now available via social networking. We're open for suggestions on content that you would find valuable! So join us on facebook, twiitter @BoisePD, and learn from our public education and safety videos posted on the Boise Police YouTube Channel!

    And, speaking of extending communication to our community - and beyond - when the above information was posted on the Boise Police facebook page, we received the following. It's an exceptional piece by Russ Rigraywolf who follows BPD on facebook from his home in Rhode Island. As Russ says, that's community outreach!

Thanks To The Blue
You come when called,
Anytime day or night.
To MVA's missing persons,
Robberies or domestic fights.
...Pull over a guy so drunk,
He just falls to his knee.
Dealing with all types of people,
Under the public's scrutiny.
So many of you head to work,
Saying bye to husband or wife.
Hoping beyond all hope,
Today you need not take or give up a life.
To serve and protect,
Is what you swore to do.
So I just want to thank,
The men and women in blue.
© RIGraywolf