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William L. Bones
Chief of Police

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Two Arrested for Beating Man with Shotgun

11-28-10 Two Arrested for Beating Man with Shotgun

    Officers responded twice to troubles at the same north Boise home overnight. The second call resulted in the arrest of two suspects accused of beating the resident with a shotgun.

    Arrested: Leslie A. Stephens, 24, Boise
    Charge: Aggravated Battery (F), existing arrest warrant for failure to appear (m)

    Arrested: Patrick J. Shepherd, 26, Boise
    Charge: Aggravated Battery (F)

    Boise Police were called by the residents of a home in the area of State St. and Collister Dr shortly about midnight last night. The residents of the home, two men told officers glass on their front door and a window had been broken out in an apparent act of vandalism. Officers followed footprints in the snow looking for whoever did the damage. The footprints led past several houses but officers could not find exactly where the trail ended.

    Officers were called by residents of the same home about an hour later, shortly after 1:00 a.m. this morning. The residents told officers two people, a man and woman had just broken into their home by breaking glass on the front door. One of the residents told officers he had been hit repeatedly by the male suspect with the butt of a shotgun. Officers could see the victim had bruises and was bleeding from a head wound. The victims told officers the woman  appeared to be the same woman they had seen and spoken with a few hours earlier that evening in the evening outside their home prior to the vandalism. Witnesses said at the time, the woman seemed very intoxicated and was somewhat angry when she was told she had to go home. She reportedly had said she lived a few houses down the street.

    Officers went to the home where the woman reportedly lived. Inside the home, officers found both suspects and a shotgun. Further investigation led officers to connect the suspects, Stephens and Shepherd to the beating of the victim. Both were arrested on the above charges and booked into the Ada County Jail.