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Monday, November 15, 2010

3rd Qtr Boise City Crime Stats

11-15-10 3rd Qtr Boise City Crime Stats

    Boise, Nov. 15, 2010 - Boise third quarter crime figures show most major categories of crime continue to decrease. However, two common property crimes - graffiti and car burglaries that are on the increase in Boise.

    "Although some of the decreases in crime categories are small this quarter, they're significant in that each crime NOT committed means one less crime victim in our city," said Chief of Police Michael Masterson. "We're fortunate to live in a city that places a great value on public safety. We appreciate the hard work of everyone from our Neighborhood Watch captains, to business organizations, our fellow city and county agencies, to schools, Boise State and community groups who we work with frequently on education and even enforcement campaigns aimed at keeping Boise the safe, desired, very livable city that it is."

    "While crime trends have been declining in many cities across the country, I have to believe that here in Boise, a good percentage of our crime reductions can be attributed to the cooperation we enjoy from the many communities we serve within our city." said the Chief.

    Boise Police released the statistical crime comparison for the 3rd quarter (Jan - Sept) of 2010 today. The complete report is posted on at:

    The third quarter crime stats show a:

  • 6.3% decrease in major crimes (Group A top eight IBR crimes )
  • 1.6% decrease in other felony crimes (Group A)
  • 15.1% decrease in other crimes (Group B crimes).

    "Vehicle burglary is on the increase, in Boise. According to our crime analysts who compare trends with other local agencies, vehicle burglaries are up all around the valley. Our goal is to continue to do all we can to educate our citizens that vehicle burglary is one crime any of us can often prevent by locking our cars and keeping valuables secured." said Chief Masterson. 

    "In Boise, we've enjoyed downward trends in crime for the past several years. We study the statistics and trends every quarter just as many business do, we report the information to the mayor and council, and we use the information to see if adjustments are needed in our focus, " said Chief Masterson. 

    "This report shows we're on the right path; we're strengthening our internal report systems and officer training with the goal of continuing to increase our efficiency and responsiveness; we're increasing our public communication to educate citizens on how to prevent crime; and we're continuing to build and strengthen our partnerships with other community groups. Being in tune and in touch can only make Boise Police better able to provide the kind of top quality public safety services our community expects and deserves." 

    Boise Police continue to develop officer training programs in:

  • Identification and communication strategies for responding to calls involving individuals struggling with mental or emotional issues.
  • Identification and communication strategies for responding to calls involving veterans struggling with post combat issues.
  • Devising and implementing strategies to reduce vehicle burglaries.
  • Improving internal report taking to further streamline communication and follow up on investigations involving inter-department units and city and county prosecutors. 
  • Holiday staffing and safety partnerships to improve holiday safety at our malls and other busy retail shopping areas.


    Robbery:Business/commercial robberies are down 77% compared to the same time period in 2009, which contributes to the overall 14% decrease in robberies. Person robberies are holding steady with last year's reports, and back robberies are up slightly.

    Burglary: Both residential and commercial burglaries have decreased significantly so far in 2010. Commercial burglaries have decreased the most following the arrests of suspects believed responsible for several cases in the City of Boise and across the valley.

    Rape: Reported rapes, along with Group A sexual assault cases have increased so far in 2010, but the number of reported cases does remain consistent or below reports taken over the past five years. The Boise Police crime Analysis Unit reports no patterns occurring at this time. Most reported sexual assault cases a victim and suspect who know or are acquainted with each other.

    Vehicle Burglaries(items or parts stolen from a vehicle): The Boise Police Crime Analysis Unit reports series and patterns of vehicle burglaries being reported throughout the city. This trend follows a regional trend throughout the valley of increased vehicle burglaries. Despite arrests, suspects continue to take advantage of the opportunity posed by unlocked vehicles or valuables being left visible inside a vehicle.

    Motor Vehicle Thefts: Boise City statistics reflect a national trend showing a decrease in car thefts.

    Drunkeness(Group B): The Boise City Public Intoxication Ordinance went into affect Oct. 1, 2006, thus reflecting a sudden increase in drunkeness arrests. Officers use the ordinance as a tool in an effort to stop fights or other crimes or disturbances before they start. After aggressive enforcement and education on the ordinance, drunkeness arrests are on the decrease so far this year.

    Graffiti:Despite much education, and the diligent efforts of officers, volunteers and many property owners, reported cases of graffiti were on the rise again last quarter. 

    "Much of the graffiti were seeing is marring our downtown area, an area that many Boiseans take pride in and enjoy," said Chief Masterson. "Graffiti is a property crime, but one that can decrease property values and can tend to give people a sense that are area is deteriorating. Too many people make their livelihood downtown and work hard to keep it a vibrant part of our community. We as a community have to stand up and work together to keep downtown the safe, fun and welcoming neighborhood it is."

    "Officers who work downtown are doing their best to keep a sharp eye out for these vandals armed with spray paint or giant markers. We'll catch these vandals in the act if we ca,n but often that;s very late at night or early in the morning. So we're asking citizens too to be alert to anything suspicious. " said the Chief.