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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Public Safety Alert: Stranger entering homes through Unlocked Doors!

09-16-10 Public Safety Alert: Stranger entering homes through Unlocked Doors!

UPDTE: Sept. 21, 2010 -  At this time, the recent reports from three women of a stranger entering their home overnight are still under investigation. As soon as the investigation reveals new information that can be released, the BPD PIO office will make that info public. Read below for the alert posted Sept. 16th.

    Boise Police Crime Prevention experts have also sent safety advisories to Neighborhood Watch groups and to Neighborhood Associations. The personal safety tips are worth passing on to everyone!

  1) Be watchful in your neighborhood of someone walking/biking/driving in your area, possibly casing for potential victims. If you see someone suspicious (acting odd or what you consider not 'normal' for your area), call police dispatch at 377-6790 and give a good description of the person, their behavior and location. 

  2) If you or other neighbors get up during the night, take a moment to look outside. If you see something or someone suspicious or potentially criminal, call police dispatch immediately at 911. 

  3) Lock all outside (entry) doors and secure windows.  Close garage doors, turn on outside porch lights and have them on all night.  

  4) Communicate with your neighbors and watch out for each other.

    The above tips are basic and what we ask every Neighborhood Watch group to do. We are asking you to be on 'extra alert' because of the recent reports from north Boise. Officers hope to find the person(s) responsible, but also to prevent more similar incidents from occurring!

    Thank you for taking preventive measures on your property; thank you for your concern and interest in your neighborhood. Stay safe.

    For more on forming a Neighborhood Watch group in your area, contact Charlene Miller in the Boise Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit:



Original Alert:

    Boise, Sept. 16, 2010 - Boise Police are alerting citizens to lock their doors and windows and double check the doors are locked before going to sleep at night. The caution comes after three separate but possibly connected reports of a stranger entering homes in Boise's north side. Boise Police believe sexual assault is the suspect's motivation for entering the homes.

    "This has been very frightening for the victims. Finding out if these reports are connected and who's responsible is definitely a priority. So is trying to prevent this from happening again." said Sgt. Kip Higby of the Boise Police Special Victims Unit.  "With the third similar incident reported last night, while we investigate, we felt the community needs to know about these reports and what steps they should take to protect themselves. We consider the person or persons behind these crimes to be very dangerous." 

    What's Happened: Since mid-June, and most recently this week, Boise Police have received three separate reports from women of a strange man entering their home in the dark, early morning hours between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. Patrol officers and detectives with the Boise Police Special Victims Unit have responded and are investigating. In each case, it appears the man entered the homes through an unlocked door.

    These crimes are still under investigation, but officers say in each case the stranger has entered women's bedrooms while they slept. Victims report they woke up to find the man touching them. In at least one case, the victim did seek medical attention. All three victims are cooperating fully with investigating officers. In none of the cases was the suspect known to be carrying a weapon. Further details of the crimes remain under investigation, including whether the reports are connected. Officers are also looking into whether other reported crimes in the area may be related.

    Suspect description: At this time, the suspect description in each case has been a light-skinned male who is last seen leaving the residence on foot. When a more detailed description is available it will be released. 

    Location: All three reports have occurred in the north Boise area between Reserve Street and N.36th Street, north of Main Street and south of W.Hill Rd.

    Entry:In all three reports it appears the stranger entered the women's homes during the dark, early morning hours through unlocked doors.

    Officers asking residenst to be alert: Investigators are asking residents or those who frequent north side neighborhoods to watch for anyone or anything suspicious during the dark, early morning hours. If residents see something suspicious that is in progress they're urged to call 911 immediately.

    Crime Stoppers:Anyone who may have information on the above crimes is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS, log onto, or text CRIMES or 274637, subject: Tip236.