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Monday, September 27, 2010

Officers & Retailers work together to bust Credit Card Fraud Ring

09-27-10 Officers & Retailers work together to bust Credit Card Fraud Ring

    Boise, Sept. 27, 2010 - Boise Police, working with help from local retailers, have arrested two people accused of making fake credit cards and using those cards to buy several thousand dollars worth of items at local stores. 

    "They actually had a pretty sophisticated operation," said Det. Monte Iverson of the Boise Police Financial Crimes Unit. "We believe these suspects had come to Boise for the purpose of committing these crimes, and take the items back to California to resell them."

    "We very much appreciate local retailers who see suspicious activity and report it to us quickly so we can stop it from happening. When retail stores see losses from fraud and theft, sadly we all pay the price," said Det. Iverson.

    While investigating the pair, Boise Police found the suspects have a recent criminal history of similar crimes in two California cities.

    Arrested: Yvonne Oropeza, 34, Norwalk, CA

    Charge: Forgery (F)

    Arrested: Roland Rodriguez, III, 29, California

    Charge: Forgery (F)

    What Happened:Boise Police investigators with the BPD Organized Retail Crime Unit began receiving reports early last week from employees of local retailers  about possible criminal activity involving fraudulent credit card purchases. 

    Detectives with the Boise Police Financial Crimes Unit joined the investigation. Officers soon learned that at least two people were using counterfeit credit cards to make fraudulent purchases, and had used the cards at at least 15 area stores. The fake credit cards were used to buy electronics, two big screen TV's, clothing and other items totalling several thousand dollars in purchases.

    Detectives were able to track the suspects to a local motel. Two of the suspects, named above, were arrested at a Boise motel late Wednesday night. During the arrest, officers were able to recover many of the items purchased with the phony credit cards. Officers also found  some of the tools they believe the suspects used to actually manufacture the phony cards.

    Officers say this investigation is ongoing. Additional charges are also possible against the two suspects currently in custody.