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Monday, August 16, 2010

Thanks to You, National Night Out was a Great Success!

Thanks to You, National Night Out was a Great Success!

   Residents from more than 60 Boise City neighborhoods gathered Tuesday, August 3rd to celebrate National Night Out, an evening set aside each summer to celebrate neighbors coming together to fight crime. The goal behind National Night Out is to encourage neighbors to meet one another and learn ways they can each help watch out for one another.

   Almost all the parties had visits from the Neighborhood Contact Officers, firefighters from the local fire station, and some even had visits from Boise Mayor David Beiter, Boise City Council members and Boise Police Command Officers, including Chief of Police Michael Masterson and Deputy Chief Patricia Braddock.

   Neighbors watching out for neighbors can be the best defense (and offense!) your neighborhood has against crime.

   To learn more about Neighborhood Watch in Boise, click to, or contact Charlene Miller in the Boise Police Crime Prevention Unit:

   Thanks to all the citizens whose volunteer efforts coordinated the National Night Out parties this year. Let keep the good efforts growing for next year... and beyond!