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Monday, August 23, 2010

Latest Crime Stats Show Further Decreases; Vehicle Burgalries are the Notable Exception

08-23-10 Latest Crime Stats Show Further Decreases; Vehicle Burgalries are the Notable Exception

Boise, August 23rd, 2010 - Boise Police have just released the city's first-half 2010 crime statistics. Overall the stats show a 4.3% decrease in major crimes (Group A top eight IBR crimes ), and an 6.8% decrease in other crimes (Part 2/Group A IBR and Group B crimes).

"I'm pleased with the report overall, but it does still show areas where we can work with community partners, including business and neighborhood groups, to decrease opportunities for crime and make people safer," said Boise Chief of Police Michael Masterson.

"When we look at the trends over the past five years, we're seeing the decrease in crime is indeed a long term trend. Decreasing crime is also a national trend. But what we see in Boise is citizens taking responsibility for their neighborhood safety, working together as a business or residential community, and working with their police department to keep and even improve this tremendous quality of life we all enjoy in Boise, and throughout the Treasure Valley."

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Burglary: Both business and residential burglaries have decreased significantly in 2010, continuing a downward trend.

Robbery: Robberies are down 22% in 2010 over the same time last year. A decrease in business robberies leads the trend which has stayed steadily lower since a spike in 2006.

Rape: Reported rape cases are up so far in 2010 compared to the same time in 2009, although reports are consistent and somewhat lower than trends over the past five years. The 2010 reports have been analyzed and no patterns are occurring. Most of the reported incidents involve a suspect who is known to the victim.

Motor Vehicle Thefts (theft of the entire vehicle): Motor vehicle theft continues a downward slide, reflecting a national trend that in Boise, has meant a significant decrease in vehicle thefts in recent years.

Graffiti: Reports of graffiti are showing a decrease throughout the city after several years of increasing numbers. A process implemented in October, 2008 ( has greatly improved the tracking, investigations and follow up on reported graffiti cases. However, graffiti continues to be a frequent complaint of citizens as incidents affect property values and perceptions of safety.

Thefts from Vehicles (theft of items from inside the vehicle): Vehicle burglaries are up and reflect a pattern being seen in all areas of the city and elsewhere in the valley. Boise PD crime analysts and detectives are working together to identify patterns and suspects.

Crime Prevention:

Preventing Theft from Vehicles: Officers want to stress the old adage: Lock it or lose it! Detectives say the vast majority of items stolen are taken from unlocked vehicles, or the suspect forced entry into the vehicle to steal an item of value, like a lap top or purse, that was left in plain sight.
One property crime detective who recently interviewed a suspect in several car burglaries says the young man reports walking down the street and trying car door handles; the ones that opened he would steal from.
Other suspects are targeting cars left in large parking lots, like theatres or retail outlets. Again, car burglary suspects, when caught, tell officers look for "easy pickings", or vehicles that are left unlocked or items left visible and unsecured inside.

Neighborhood Watch: Neighbors watching out for neighbors is often the best way to prevent crimes. Alert neighbors are also often responsible for calling police when they see something suspicious, resulting in the arrest of criminal suspects.
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