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William L. Bones
Chief of Police

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Friday, August 27, 2010

BPD K9 Unit looks for new, diffrerent places to train!

08-27-10 BPD K9 Unit looks for new, diffrerent places to train!

    Any building approx 4,000 sq. ft. or larger could be an appropriate place for BPD K9 handlers to train our amazing police service dogs.

    "Using different training locations helps these dogs stay alert and prepared for what they might come across i...n the field," said Boise PD K9 handler Officer Mike Nance. "The more places we can use to train them, the more they will learn."

    "These dogs are an incredible tool for officers, they keep us safe, find illegal drugs and locate hidden weapons. The more we can do to keep them sharp, the safer we all are," said Officer Nance.    

    Boise Police require the department's police service dogs to complete several hours of training EACH WEEK!    

    Again, a building with a minimum of 4,000 sq ft is needed between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and midnight. The space could also include a fenced outside area.
Officers will provide window stickers that say the area has been used for police service dog training.    

    If you have a location for consideration, please contact Boise Police Sgt. David Cavanaugh at    

    And as always - THANK YOU for your support!