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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Boise PD & Fire want your Independence Day to be Fun and Safe!

Boise PD & Fire want your Independence Day to be Fun and Safe!

    Boise, July 1, 2010 - Boise Police and Boise Fire Departments are reminding citizens of some important safety messages meant to ensure a fun and safe celebration this Independence Day holiday weekend.

  • Don't Drink and Drive.
  • Be watchful of pedestrians crowding neighborhoods to view the parade and large fireworks displays.
  • Be Safe and Sane with personal fireworks.


    Boise Police will have DUI patrols working overtime through the July 4th holiday weekend keeping city streets safe. 

    The Boise Police Night STEP Unit, officers who specialize in DUI enforcement, received a $8000 grant from the Idaho Transportation Department Office of Highway Operations and Safety. The state grant will pay for overtime for additional officers to patrol Boise City streets looking specifically for DUI drivers July 1 - 12. 

    Regarding illegal fireworks enforcement: Citizen calls of illegal fireworks activity will be responded to by Boise Police just like any citizen call, prioritized by life safety (calls where someone's safety is at risk are given highest priority for officer response).

     Illegal Fireworks Violations: Illegal Fireworks are referenced under Boise City Code 7-01-62 Section 3309.2 (scroll to page 21)
     Those found in possession of illegal fireworks may be cited under this code. The violation is a civil infraction (just like a traffic ticket) with a $100 fine.
     A second violation within five years is a misdemeanor crime with a fine not more than $500 or by no more than 30 days in the county jail.
     Confiscation: Those found in possession of illegal fireworks risk having them confiscated by either Boise Police or Boise Fire Officers. (only law enforcement can write citations, but fire can confiscate).

     2009 - Boise Police and Fire reported a busy but uneventful night July 4th of last year. Boise Fire responded to approx 50 calls for service from 8:00 p.m. July 4th to approx 2:00 a.m. July 5th. Five of those calls involved shrub, tree, or grass fires with structures threatened. Firefighters responded quickly got the fires out before any structures were damaged. Illegal fireworks appeared to be the cause. 

   Boise Police were busy with crowds at Ann Morrison Park but say crowds were peaceful and well behaved.

   From July 1st to July 6th, 2009, Boise Officers issued 4 citations for possession of illegal fireworks.

    WE THE PEOPLE LIBERTY DAY PARADE: Begins in Downtown Boise Saturday, July 3rd at 10:00 a.m.

    Parade Route: New this year, the parade will egin at the corner of 10th and Jefferson, run east on Jefferson to 4th St., south on 4th to Bannock., west on Bannock to 12th, north on 12th to Jefferson, parade end at the corner of 11th and Jefferson.

    Road closures: Streets on the parade route will be closed approx 20 minutes prior to the start of the parade, or about 9:40 a.m. and remain closed until after the crowds clear. The parade is expected to last approx 90 minutes.

    Parade Parking: There is no parking available along the parade route. Free parking is being made available in all downtown parking garages and at Boise State University at the Towers parking lot and Parking Structure #1 (Brady Street and University Drive). 

    For more see


    4th of JULY FIREWORKS - ANN MORRISON PARK: The City of Boise is a sponsor for the huge fireworks display this Sunday, July 4th beginning at approx. 10:20 p.m. 

    Extra Boise PD Motors and patrol officers will be working the area to ensure safety and manage traffic due to the large crowd expected in the park and surrounding neighborhoods. Last year, officers estimate between 1,000 and 2,000 people lined Crescent Rim Dr. to watch the fireworks.

    Road Closures: Crescent Rim will be closed to all vehicle traffic starting at 6:30 p.m.. Crescent Rim will be closed at or near Latah, Morris Hill, Kipling, Peasley, and Eastover. Persons living on Crescent Rim will be allowed to drive to their residence. These vehicles shall be escorted by BPD motor units to ensure the safety of pedestrians in the area. Crescent Rim will re-open after the fireworks and the officers decide the roadway is once again safe for pedestrians.

    Those leaving the Crescent Rim area will be directed by officers to go north on Latah to Emerald, again to keep the roadways south clear for pedestrians.

     Fireworks Parking: Since July 4th is a holiday, free parking is being made available in all downtown parking garages and at Boise State University at the Towers parking lot and Parking Structure #1 (Brady Street and University Drive). 


   PARKING ADVISORY: Drivers who park blocking or too close to fire hydrants, stop signs, cross walks and intersections risk a parking ticket. Good rule of thumb - Park 30 feet from any of the above and you're OK.

   Drivers who park blocking a driveway or alleyway risk being towed! Be courteous to residents when you're in their neighborhood for an event.


   PERSONAL USE OF FIREWORKS IN BOISE CITY: These examples are NOT considered "Safe and Sane" Fireworks for use in Boise City:  

  • Fireworks containing explosive material that will burn or deflagrate when ignited.  (Examples include, but are not limited to, firecrackers, cherry bombs, M-80s.)
  • Fireworks that leave the ground of their own accord, or fly when tossed into the air. Examples include, but are not limited to, skyrockets, bottle rockets, mortar shells, Roman candles.
  • Fireworks designed for ground or near ground use that travel outside of a fifteen (15) foot diameter circle.
  • Fireworks designed for ground or near ground use that, as a means of propulsion, emit showers or sparks longer than twelve (12) inches.
  • Fireworks designed for use from a stationary position that emit sparks, showers, or flaming balls, vertically more than twenty (20) feet; or from which discharged material falls beyond a twenty (20) foot diameter circle.
  • Foothills Ban: It shall be unlawful for any person to use any fireworks, either "dangerous" or "safe and sane" in the area defined by this code as "the foothills".  

    For a complete list of fireworks safety recommendations, as well as city ordinances regarding fireworks, foothills maps, and informational downloads, please log onto: