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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Overnite Shooting - Officer Involved

06-12-10 Overnite Shooting - Officer Involved

  Boise, June 12, 2010, 12:40 pm- Boise Police arrested a man overnite after he ran from officers during an attempted traffic stop. During a struggle, the suspect was shot in the upper right arm by an officers duty weapon.
  Preliminary reports indicate the officers weapon  discharged during a physical struggle with the suspect. The suspects injuries were minor. He was treated and released at a hospital, then booked into the Ada County Jail.  

Arrested; Jeremiah Jones, 21, Boise
Charged; Eluding Officers (F), Hit & Run (m), Resisting & Obstructing Officers (m), Driving Without Privileges (m). The suspect, Jones, is also under investigation for driving under the influence.

  Since this incident involved the discharge of an officers weapon while interacting with a criminal suspect, the incident, is under investigation by the Ada County Critical Incident Task Force. The information in this release is considered preliminary pending the CITF investigation. Detectives with the Meridian Police Department are leading the multi-agency inquiry. The CITF investigates the criminal aspects of the incident.
  The Boise Police Department and the Boise Community Ombudsman are investigating the officers actions with regard to department policy and training.

What Happened (preliminary report);
  Approx. Midnight,  a Boise Police Officer on patrol witnessed a vehicle being driven at excessive speed, approx. 60 mph westbound on Emerald. When the officer attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver accelerated, failing to stop for the officer.
  The suspect vehicle turned north on Maple Grove then east onto Irving entering a trailer park as the officer attempted to follow. Apparently due to speed, the driver failed to make a turn and crashed the car at the intersection of Oakwood and Irving. Three passengers in the suspect vehicle were not hurt. The driver then ran off through the trailer park toward Maple Grove Rd.
  The first officer stayed with the vehicle and it's passengers. He called for other officers to assist in searching for the suspect
  Several officers came to help, including plain clothes officers who helped in the foot pursuit of the suspect through the trailer park.
  One of the plain clothes officers caught up to the suspect on foot at Maple Grove and Irving. The suspect and officer struggled. The officer had drawn his duty weapon during the foot pursuit of the suspect. During the struggle, the officers gun apparently  discharged injuring the suspect in the upper right arm.  The officer was not injured.
  The suspect was taken to the hospital and treated for the injury. He was booked into the Ada County Jail on the above charges.
  The three passengers in the suspect vehicle were questioned by officers and released.
  The officer involved is on three days administrative (paid) leave, per Boise Police Policy.