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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Large Meth Lab found in South County

06-24-10 Large Meth Lab found in South County

UPDATE; So County Meth Lab

  Boise, June 24, 6;30 pm- Boise Police BANDIT Narcotics Detectives have found a second site, a former lab site, on the same property as a large, active meth lab in south Ada County.

  The second site that still contained volatile chemicals, is in an outbuilding behind the main house at 13131 S. Five Mile Rd.

  The Boise Fire Haz Mat team and Kuna Fire is also on scene along with Boise Police and Ada County Sheriffs deputies.  



  Boise, June 24, 2010, 5:15 p.m.- Boise Police have arrested one man and are now beginning the clean up of what detectives describe as a "large, active" meth lab in south Ada County.

   "This may be the largest meth lab I've seen in years," said Sgt. Mike Harrington. "We judge the size of labs on the amount of chemicals and separation in process, and this is good size."
   "This lab is probably turning out about an ounce of meth at a time, which is pretty good quantity." said Sgt. Harrington.
   Arrested: Richard R. Eubanks, 38, Boise
   Charge: Delivery of a Controlled Substance (F)
               Additional charges, including Manufacturing a Controlled Substance are likely
   What Happened: Detectives with the Boise Police BANDIT Narcotics Unit has been investigating the suspect Eubanks since March in connection with sales of methamphetamine. With the help of Ada County Sheriff's deputies, detectives went to his home at 13131 S. Five Mile near Kuna to serve an arrest warrant on Eubanks this afternoon. When they arrived at the single family home, detectives found an active meth lab in the house.
   "There's a large volume of volatile chemicals and chemicals being processed, heated and separated. This lab was active, it was cooking," said Sgt. Harrington.
   The volatile chemicals involved in manufacturing meth do pose an explosive risk and a health risk if inhaled. Boise Police narcotics detectives are trained in the safe dismantling of meth labs. That process is just beginning and will likely last the next several hours, again with the assistance of Ada County deputies.
   Detectives say they believe the suspect has been in the home for the past two years, although it's unknown at this time how long the meth lab has been active.