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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Good Neighbor Recognition for National Night Out!

06-09-10Good Neighbor Recognition for National Night Out!
  Boise, June 9, 2010 -  The Boise Police Department Crime Prevention Unit is adding an exciting new feature to this year's National Night Out celebration, a good neighbor award! The department is seeking nominations from Boise City residents in preparation for National Night Out, a neighborhood crime fighting event coming up August 3rd.
   "It will be exciting to recognize those citizens who go out of their way to be a good neighbor," said Charlene Miller, Boise Police Neighborhood Watch Coordinator. "We know these good neighbors do what they do not asking for anything in return, but these folks deserve a heartfelt 'thank you'. Watching out for our neighbors, keeping our neighborhoods safe and friendly is what National Night Out is all about!"
   Boise Police Crime Prevention experts are asking neighbors to get together and consider if there's someone in their neighborhood who goes above and beyond in helping out.  This person may mow the lawn as a courtesy to a neighbor who is ill or elderly, watch children, or help in planning neighborhood clean-ups or block parties. The good work possibilities are endless and as unique as the citizens who live in your area. The BPD wants to recognize those in your neighborhood, from youth to senior citizens and anyone in between, who make our neighborhoods friendlier, safer places to live. The Boise Police Department will recognize these outstanding neighbors at our National Night Out parties Tuesday, August 3rd.
   Boise's National Night Out 2009 celebration included more than 60 neighborhood parties, involving many of Boise's more than 300 Neighborhood Watch Groups.

1.   Your neighborhood hosts, or is involved in, a NNO block party on August 3, 2010.
2.   The nominee did not receive financial pay for their good deed(s).
3.   The reason(s) you are recognizing this person is for actions that have occurred since August, 2009. 
4.   The reason(s) you are recognizing this person occurred in the neighborhood.
5.   The reason(s) can be small or large helpful acts, but you believe they went above and beyond.

For Those Nominating:
1.    Please give me your name, email address and phone number.
2.    The Nominee's name.
3.    Reason for the recognition and date(s) if applicable. In 100 words or less, please explain and describe why this person (the nominee) deserves to be recognized by the Boise Police Department.  
Send your nomination to: or fax to 208-570-6119.

Nominations must be received by Friday, July 9th to be considered, so get your in today!