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Friday, May 14, 2010

Arrests in Bike Theft Ring - Bike Theft Prevention Info

05-14-10 Arrests in Bike Theft Ring - Bike Theft Prevention Info
  May 14, 2010 - Boise Police have arrested seven people and cited an eighth all believed to be involved in approx 40 bike thefts since mid-February.
   The thefts involved mostly mid-to- high end mountain bikes stolen from a variety of locations including homes, schools and businesses in the downtown, BSU and North End neighborhoods. Boise Police Property Crimes Detectives say most bike owners reporting the thefts say the bikes were locked, however the thieves are believed to have used bolt cutters to cut the locks and steal the bikes. Although the bikes were reportedly locked before being stolen, they were outside.
   Boise Police Property Crimes detectives have recovered approx half - or about 20 of the stolen bikes and returned most of them to the owners. Officers are still searching for other bikes but at this time are unable to guarantee others will be recovered.
   All suspects are living in Boise or are transients.
   Arrested and Charged with Felony Grand Theft:
Jonathon D. Cheffings, 19, arrested April 28
Ryan W. Jackson, 20, arrested April 28
Daniel H. McEachrin, 21, arrested April 28
Juvenile male, age 16, arrested April 28
Ryan Graham, 20, arrested May 7
Zachary A. Still, 23, arrested May 12
Daniel McLasky, 23, arrested May 13
   An eighth man was cited for theft by possession of stolen property, a misdemeanor.
   No further arrests are expected.
   Boise Police Property Crimes detectives say they believe all the suspects are acquaintances and were working together to steal then sell the high value bikes. As the case is still under investigation, exactly how and where the bikes were being sold is not information that's available for release at this time. Officers believe the motive for stealing the bikes was simply for money.
   Officers say one lead in the case led to another that eventually led to the string of suspects. The sources and nature of those investigative leads is also something officers cannot detail at this time due to ongoing investigations and the effort to possibly find additional stolen bikes..
   Bike Theft Prevention:Boise Police offer this advice to bike owners:
  • Always lock your bike, even if it's at a private home, if the bike is in plain view like an open garage or a porch or patio.
  • Use a steel U-Lock through the bike frame. Cable locks can be cut. U-shape steel locks are available at local bike shops for approx. $35.
  • Register your bike. Bike owners can register their bikes at, click on Online Services, or take your bike to the Boise State Campus Police Station, 1001 1/2 Lincoln Ave., across from the BSU Sub.
  • Consider using an engraver to place other identifying marks on the bike or it's parts. Officers say repeating the serial number or engraving another marking in several places on the bike can be very helpful in identifying a stolen bike.

     The Boise State Campus Community is encouraged to go the the BSU Campus Police Station for more campus-specific information on bike and crime prevention.