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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

3 Teens Arrested for Business Burglary Spree

05-04-10 3 Teens Arrested for Business Burglary Spree

    Boise, May 4, 2010 - Boise Police have arrested two teens after connecting the pair to at least 20 business burglaries over the past four months involving more than $46,000 in stolen items.

    "This is ambitious for teens this age. These are high end stores," said Sgt. Randy Buzzini of the Boise Police Property Crimes Unit. "Consider the amount of stolen items, plus the loss in damage done to the stores during the break in. These teens caused a lot of loss to these businesses."

  Arrested: Joseph T. Dalgarn, 18, Boise

  Charge: Burglary, (F) 3 counts (additional charges pending)

  Arrested: 17 year old male

  Charge: Burglary (F) 3 counts (additional charges pending)

  Arrested: 15 year old female

  Charge: Burglary (F) 1 count (additional charges possible)

     What Happened: Boise Police have been investigating a string of business burglaries that have occurred during the late night, early morning hours at businesses scattered throughout the city since February. The businesses all showed signs of forced entry through broken windows or doors.

    "It appears if the suspects knew there was an alarm on the business, they would leave quickly or not hit the business at all," said Sgt. Buzzini.

    "We are looking at other suspects, it looks like other teens who bought then re-sold some of the items. They could also be facing theft charges," said Sgt. Buzzini.

    A Boise Police Officer on patrol near W. Overland Rd and S. Vinnell Way early Friday morning, April 30th, saw a suspicious vehicle parked behind several closed businesses. As the officer was checking out the vehicle, he noticed a back door to a business slightly open. A young man looked through the door, and seeing the officer, two suspects left the business and ran off. Officers did not find the two, but did follow up by going to the home of the owner of the parked vehicle. There officers found evidence the car's owner, Dalgarn, was involved in the burglary. The suspect was arrested on charges of felony burglary.

    Since then, Boise Police Property Crimes detectives have continued to investigate. They have recovered, what they believe is much of the property stolen in the burglaries, including approx $8,000 in phones, $20,000 in high end sunglasses, nutritional supplements, and other electronic and high end items. Much of the stolen property was recovered at the suspects homes.

    "There's no indication they used the stolen these things for drug money, it appears to just be personal use," said Sgt. Buzzini.

    Boise Police detectives believe the teens were stealing the items to resell to friends.   

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