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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chief says New Boise Detox Center is Good for Citizens and Officers.

Chief says New Boise Detox Center is Good for Citizens and Officers.

    Boise, April 21, 2010- Boise Chief of Police Michael Masterson says Boise's new detox center is a long-awaited improvement to public health and safety in Idaho's Capital City.

        "This is a fabulous facility that should benefit a lot of people trying to beat their additions." said Chief Masterson. "This community has needed a detox center like this for a long time for a number of very good reasons."

    ""People who are intoxicated don't belong in jail to dry out. They need a safe place to sober up and get linked to people and services that can help them." said Chief Masterson.

    Chief Masterson came to Boise in 2005 after 30 years in with the police department in Madison, Wisconsin, a city that's been served by a detox facility for several decades.

    "I saw the need almost immediately," said Chief Masterson. "Officers were very limited in their options. People didn't belong in jail, but the emergency room wasn't the right place either."

    "This detox facility will give officers another positive option for public safety and most importantly, offer citizens a place to get the medical help to start the road to recovery and a healthier lifestyle."

    The 9,200 sq. ft. detox center is called the Allumbaugh House. It's located on N. Alumbaugh St just west of Boise's St. Alphonsus Medical Center. Terry Reilly Health Services will operate the facility, which will provide a sobering station, detoxification and mental health crisis services for no charge to clients. The facility was built with funds provided by Boise City, Ada County, the City of meridian, St. Alphonsus and St. Luke's Regional Medical Centers. The facility will serve clients from Boise, Ada, Elmore and Valley Counties.

    Allumbaugh House was unveiled to the community today. The facility will begin taking clients May 3rd. 


*above photo courtesy of Idaho Statesman