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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Police urge gun owners to protect weapons after felon is found with stolen guns

02-03-10 Police urge gun owners to protect weapons after felon is found with stolen guns

    Boise, Feb 3, 2010 - Boise Police have identified several of the firearms in possession of a convicted felon as stolen. Police reports linked to the weapons to guns were stolen from vehicles parked throughout the city in recent months.

   Boise Police say this case is a good reminder not to leave firearms or other valuables in vehicles.

    Background: Boise Police arrested Anthony L. Ashley, 49 of Boise at his home Monday after officers received information Ashley, a convicted felon, had several weapons in his Pueblo Street home. 

    Boise Police found Ashley has a felony criminal record going back to 1980, including robbery and weapons violations in Wisconsin, Arizona, California and Idaho. During a search of Ashley's home Monday, officers found 16 handguns, 2 shotguns, 2 rifles, 5,000 rounds of ammunition and a bullet proof vest. As a convicted felon, possession of all these items is a violation of state and/or federal law. 

    Further Investigation: Further investigation by the Boise Police Gang unit determined five of the firearms found in Ashley's home were stolen from vehicles parked in the Boise area over the last few months. The value of just these five firearms is approx $4,500.

    "Gang detectives want to remind citizens that leaving weapons in a vehicle, even in a locked vehicle, is a risk no one should take," said Sgt. Jeff Basterrechea, of the Boise Police Gang Unit.

    "A stolen weapon means one more weapon in the hands of a criminal. The theft is a loss for the owner, but even more worrisome, a stolen firearm means another potential threat to public safety," said Sgt. Basterrechea.

    Officers are still investigating how Ashley came into possession of the rest of the firearms and ammunition.

Boise Police offer gun owners the following safety tips:

- Do not leave firearms (or any other valuable) unattended in a vehicle.

- Keep all weapons in a secure area, away from children and potential thieves.

- Do a complete inventory of all firearms in case of loss. Keep the inventory in a secure place.