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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BPD Canine Foundation Receives Major Donation from Platt

02-17-10 BPD Canine Foundation Receives Major Donation from Platt

    Boise, Feb. 17, 2010 - Boise Police Chief Michael Masterson gratefully accepted a donation of $4,200 to the new Boise Police Canine Foundation today. The generous gift came from Platt, and company Chairman Harvey Platt. 

    Platt is based in Beaverton, Oregon with three offices in the Treasure Valley including Boise. Platt is a major electrical, industrial, automation, utility, data-communication and tool supplier in the northwest.

    "Animals can do amazing things that people just can't do," said Platt Chairman Harvey Platt in presenting the check today at a ceremony at Boise City Hall West. "These dogs and the officers who work with them provide a service  to the community that is valuable and impressive and worthy of our support."

    "Our police service dogs have saved lives," said Chief Masterson in accepting the donation. "These dogs will go places and do things our officers can't do without tremendous risk to their safety. Police service dogs are trained to sniff out and locate potentially dangerous suspects protecting the lives of officers and citizens. We're very fortunate to have them on our department."

    "Our goal is to make Boise the country's most livable city, and public safety is crucial for that," said Mayor David Bieter. "We're very grateful for the support a respected business like Platt is showing for our city and our Boise Police Department. The police Canine Unit is a valuable tool for our officers who work everyday to keep this city safe and a great place to live, play and do business."

    Platt had a strong representation of company leadership in Boise today to show support for the BPD and it's Canine Unit. Joining Chairman Harvey Platt today was Platt President Jeff Baker of Beaverton, Oregon, Platt Regional Vice President Corey Jackson of Spokane, Washington, Boise Branch Manager Dale Schnieder, Meridian Branch Manager Troy Winans, Nampa Platt Manager Kevin Fine, and Josh Hoffman and Gary Cole who are Special Projects Managers with Platt in the Treasure Valley.

    "We are thrilled and honored that Platt is giving us this large donation today and trusting that we will use it wisely toward protecting our officers and the citizens of this community," said Boise Police Captain Eugene Smith, commander of the BPD Canine Unit.

    "Our police service dogs are deployed every day during some situation where they're needed to help take drugs off the streets, keeping our airports safe, or searching for suspects and protecting officers," said Lt. Alan Cavener,  supervisor of the canine team. "More police dogs means fewer illegal and dangerous drugs on the streets, and that's safer for all of us."

    The Boise Police Canine Foundation was established in late December, 2009, with the goal of raising funds to support and enhance the BPD Canine Unit. The immediate goal is to raise funds to purchase a new patrol dog trained in drug detection and suspect apprehension. Eventually, the new dog will replace an active police service patrol dog, Blek, set to retire within the next year.

    Platt's donation of $4,200 is approx half the cost of a new police service patrol dog. Chairman Harvey Platt challenged others in the Boise area business community to continue to support the Canine Unit and contribute to the Foundation. 

    Since the Boise Police Canine Foundation was established through the Idaho Community Foundation late last year the foundation has received approx $2,100 in donations.

    "All the donations to the Canine Foundation are very appreciated and all the money goes to support the dogs," said Lt. Cavener. "We know times are tough and people only give to organizations they believe in. From the five dollars donations to the $100 checks to today's incredible donation of $4,200, we're grateful for every dollar, and guarantee the dogs and the community will benefit."

What is the Boise Police Canine Foundation?

    The Boise Police Canine Foundation is a charitable fund that supports the operation of the Boise Police Canine Unit beyond the departments annual operating budget.

    The Boise Police Department is not allowed to accept donations, though citizens grateful for police services have generously offered to contribute over the years. By partnering with the Idaho Community Foundation, the Boise Police Department can accept contributions toward purchasing new police dogs and supporting its existing dogs

What will donations to the Boise Police Canine Foundation help pay for?

    Citizen donations to the Boise Police Canine Foundation will pay for needed improvements and supplies for the canines beyond what the departments annual operating budget allows for.

    For example, although many of the departments drug and explosive detection dogs are adopted from local animal shelters, the purchase of a dual purpose drug and apprehension patrol dog can cost between $8,000 and $9,000. A training bite suit, that helps maintain the patrol dogs skills while keeping trainers safe costs $1,300.

How can citizens contribute?

Contributing to the fund is easy!

Donations can be made online at , click on Donate Directly to Your Favorite Fund, and choose Boise Police Canine Foundation,.

Or mail a check made out to Boise Police Department Canine Foundation to:
ICF at P.O. Box 8143, Boise, ID 83707.

Today, the Boise Police Canine Unit consists of:

  • 4 drug detection dogs. 2 are currently in training, meaning they are not yet certified for street use. One drug detection dog is assigned to the Boise Police Bandit narcotics unit, one to the Neighborhood Contact Officer unit, and two are assigned to patrol. Boise Police drug detection dogs are adopted from our local animal shelters. Three of the drug detection dogs are labs or lab mixes, the fourth is a German Shepherd, Belgian Malanois mix.
  • 5 explosive detection dogs. These dogs are assigned to the Boise Airport but are often called upon to respond to any location throughout the Treasure Valley. These dogs are purchased with Homeland Security funds. Four of the explosives detection dogs are labs, the fifth is a German Sheperd..
  • 4 patrol dogs. Patrol dogs are cross trained in drug detection and suspect apprehension. Patrol dogs are purchased at a young age with some basic training. Many police patrol dogs come from Europe, are sent to American suppliers who then sell the dogs to police agencies. These dogs require in depth training with their handler before they are ready for police works. Three of the Patrol dogs are Belgian Malanois, the fourth is a German Sheperd.