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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

BPD Arrests 2 Suspected Drug dealers, one following complaint of drug house, one follows traffic stop

02-03-10 BPD Arrests 2 Suspected Drug dealers, one following complaint of drug house, one follows traffic stop

    Boise, Feb 3, 2010 - Boise Police arrested two people and cited a third after following up on a citizen complaint of possible drug activity at a home off Broadway Ave.

    Arrested: Dustin A. Rolof, 21, Boise

    Charges: Possession of a controlled substance - meth (F), Possession of drug paraphernalia (m)

    Arrested: Cassandra K. Rolof, 25, Boise

    Charges: Possession of controlled substance with intent to deliver - marijuana (F), Possession of marijuana (m), Possession of drug paraphernalia (m)

    Cited: Sandie G. Rolof, 57, Boise

    Charges: Illegal possession of prescription medication (m), Possession drug paraphernalia (m)

    The Boise Police Neighborhood Contact Officer for the Broadway area recently received a citizen complaint about possible drug use at a home on the 2200 blk of E. Euclid Ave. While investigating, the officer also gained information from other officers indicating they too had information that the home may be a drug house.

    Boise Police went to talk to residents of the home Tuesday morning, Feb 2nd, and immediately smelled the odor of marijuana. Officers returned with a search warrant. During the search of the home, officers found drugs and evidence of drug sales.

    Suspect Cassandra Rolof was arrested for possession of 2.3 grams of meth, 8.4 grams of marijuana, along with pipes, scales and other evidence that led police to believe she is involved in the sale of drugs. Suspect Dustin Rolof was also found in possession meth, pipes and paraphernalia. Suspect Sandie Rolof, Cassandra and Dustin's mother, was cited for illegal possession of prescription meds and drug paraphernalia.

    Boise Police are sending their reports to Ada County Prosecutors. Additional charges are possible.

    To learn more about the Boise Police Neighborhood Contact unit, log onto and click on Neighborhood Services.


    Arrested: Trevor A. Bishoff, 33, Twin Falls, ID

    Charges: Trafficking a Controlled Substance (F), Resisting and Obstructing Officers (m)

    A Boise Police Patrol Officer saw a Chevy pick up speeding west on Nez Perce St. approx 6:48 p.m. last night. The officer activated his overhead lights and the pick up stopped as it turned north on Roosevelt St. As the officer was stopping his patrol car behind the pick up, he could see the driver move into the passenger seat, then jump out of the truck and begin running east on Dorian St. The officer called to the suspect to stop several times, but the suspect kept running.

    As the officer chased the suspect, he saw the suspect throw a small case that landed on the ground near a neighborhood home. A back up officer had arrived on scene and together the two officers caught up to the suspect and took him into custody.

    Officers picked up the case the suspect threw and found approx 40.7 grams of meth inside. A search following the arrest found the suspect to also be in possession of a large roll of cash. The suspect, Bishoff was arrested on the above charges, including two outstanding arrest warrants.


    Arrested: Katharyn K. Luft, 18, Boise

    Charge: Burglary (F)

    Boise Police were called to a retail store on the 8300 blk of W. Overland at 4;57 p.m. Tuesday, Feb 2nd. Store security reported to the officer they had witnessed a woman, later identified as Luft, conceal women's underwear, then leave the store without paying for the items. Further investigation revealed evidence the suspect had indeed entered the store with the intention of committing the crime, resulting in the felony charge.