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Friday, February 05, 2010

Boise Police find individual behind objectionable flyers

02-05-10 Boise Police find individual behind objectionable flyers
   Boise, Feb 5, 2010 - Boise Police have located and talked with an individual believed to be responsible for the distribution of flyers that prompted several citizens to complain to police as being objectionable and racist. Officers say all evidence shows the individual distributing the flyers has been acting alone, voicing his own personal views under what he believes to be his freedom of speech protections.
   Several citizens complained to the police department about the content of the flyers. After investigating, police have found the distribution and content of the flyers, however objectionable, at this time do not appear to constitute a crime.
   Background: The flyers began appearing on bulletin boards and car windshields in December. Citizens reported to police the flyers were found in several areas throughout and near downtown Boise, including the campus of Boise State University. While investigating, Boise Police found similar flyers have also been distributed in other northwest cities and college campuses.
  This week, Boise Police located an individual on the BSU campus who was trying to make copies and appeared to be preparing to distribute the flyers once again. Officers say statements made by the individual, in addition to other evidence obtained, lead officers to believe this was the individual responsible for distributing the flyers throughout Boise. After speaking with officers, the individual chose to discontinue distributing the flyers, at least at that time.
   Officers say the individual is currently staying in Boise but is not believed to be a current resident or student here.
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