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Friday, February 05, 2010

Bike Officer makes Quick Arrest after Attack, Theft on the Greenbelt

02-05-10 Bike Officer makes Quick Arrest after Attack, Theft on the Greenbelt

   Boise, Feb 5, 2010, 7:10 p.m. - Boise Police have arrested two men after a woman reported being attacked and robbed on the greenbelt this afternoon. Officers believe the men attacked the woman shortly after they were cited for drinking alcohol near the river. The same Boise Police bike officer who cited the men also responded to the attack. The officer was able to quickly piece together who the suspects were and make arrests thanks to help from the victim.

    "Two things combine to make these arrests so quick; the victim remembering details of what the suspects said and did, and an alert officer who knows this greenbelt, knows the people who frequent here, and the nearby neighborhoods," said Sgt. Clair Walker of the Boise Police Bike Patrol unit.  

   "Our bike officers work these areas all year, in all kinds of weather. They're very protective of this greenbelt," said Sgt. Walker. "Stranger attacks are very rare, and understandably can be very frightening. My hats off to this victim and this officer, who together pieced together enough information to quickly catch these two suspects."

    Arrested: Robert S. McCulloch, 45, no permanent address

    Charged: Battery (m), Theft (m), Failure to eject from a Boise park (m), Possession of an open container of alcohol within 250-feet of the greenbelt (m), Open container of alcohol in public (m).

    Arrested: William A. Gilley, 61, no permanent address

    Charged: Theft (m), Failure to eject from a Boise park (m), Possession of an open container of alcohol in public (m), Urinating in public (m).

    What Happened: Boise Police received a call from a woman on the greenbelt near Shoreline Dr. saying two men had jumped out of nearby bushes, attacked and robbed her at approx. 3:30 p.m. this afternoon.

    The woman said she was riding her bike but had stopped, and was standing next to her bike taking a drink of soda when a man jumped out of some nearby bushes, grabbed and groped her. Within moments, the woman said a second man jumped out of the bushes. The second man took her backpack from her bicycle. Both men then ran off.

    Boise Police bike patrol officer Andy S. Johnson responded to the woman's call for help. As he spoke with the woman about what happened, she relayed that one of the men made a comment to her that she shouldn't be drinking anything on the greenbelt because they had just been cited by a Boise Police bike officer for drinking alcohol. Earlier in the afternoon, Officer Johnson himself had cited two men for the same offense - McCulloch and Gilley  - and ejected them from Ann Morrison Park.

    Officer Johnson knew the two men stayed at a local shelter. As he went to look for them, Officer Johnson spotted one of the men, McCulloch, again drinking an open container of alcohol near the river in Ann Morrison Park. McCulloch was identified as the man who had initially grabbed and groped the woman. He was arrested for battery on the woman and theft of the backpack. 

   A short time later, at a nearby homeless shelter, Gilley was located. During questioning, Gilley made statements he had been urinating in the bushes just prior to seeing the woman. Officer Johnson arrested Gilley for stealing the woman's backack. Both men were issued citations for additional, related charges.

    Missing Victims Backpack- Boise Police continue to search the greenbelt and parks looking for the victims backpack, which has not yet been found. The woman had personal items inside, including clothing, a phone charger, books, and some medications. 

   The pack is a blue Timberland backpack. Anyone who finds the backpack is urged to help return it to the victim by calling non-emergency police dispatch: 377-6790.