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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2009 Crime Report - Decreases seen in most areas

02-16-10 2009 Crime Report - Decreases seen in most areas

Boise, Feb 16, 2010 - Boise Chief of Police Michael Masterson will present the city's 2009 Statistical Crime Report to Mayor Bieter and the Boise City Council today.

The Chief will announce:

  • 2.6% drop in major crimes for Boise in 2009, including: 

     * 19.5% drop in reported rapes,
     * 6% drop in burglaries,
     * 2.4% drop in thefts
     * 9.6% drop in car thefts.

  •    More minor crimes, known as Part 2 Group A offenses, like sexual assault, possession of pornography or obscene material, embezzlement and vandalism saw a larger decrease of 8.5%in 2009 over the previous year.
  •    Other crimes categorized as Group B crimes, including bad checks, public drunkenness, curfew and loitering violations, non-violent family offenses, runaways and liquor law violations saw the biggest decrease in 2009 of 11.9%.

   "This report reflects the highest quality of services delivered daily by department employees, both sworn and non-sworn, a continuation of the professional response citizens have come to expect and depend on, and results that only come thanks to years of cooperative efforts between citizens of this community and its police department," said Chief Masterson in a letter to the City Council presenting the statistical report.

   Chief Masterson has presented crime analysis reports to the Mayor and Council on a quarterly basis since becoming Boise Police Chief in January of 2005. Chief Masterson presents the reports as his business performance summary for the Boise Police Department. The updated quarterly reports are also posted for the community on the Boise Police web site,

   Chief Masterson says he is proud to present the latest crime statistics that reflect a continued cooperation between citizens and officers, and continued professionalism from police department employees. But the Chief does note areas of concern.

   "Sadly, we are still seeing slight increases in some areas of domestic violence," said Chief Masterson. "Domestic Violence is a crime that often repeats itself, creating cycles of abuse in families. In Boise, the silver lining is the commitment of several dedicated agencies, led by individuals dedicated to reversing this crime trend."

   The Chief also notes crime trends where explanations can be elusive in a city like Boise, where actual crime numbers are relatively very low. Notably, sexual assault and rape are down dramatically from prior years. However Chief Masterson says the reason for the drop isn't readily apparent. Regarding the drop in rape and sexual assault reports, Chief Masterson said, "I have asked members from various law enforcement agencies, education, courts, prosecutors and community resource groups to convene in late March to review, analyze and discuss these findings to see if the trend can be linked to outreach or other program effectiveness."

   Commercial Robberies also increased slightly to 20 reports in 2009, up from 14 in 2008, a 43% increase. Chief Masterson says Boise Police Crime Prevention experts are ready to assist businesses with security surveys and other steps businesses can take to prevent crime. Several business robberies were connected, including a spree of hotel-motel robberies early in the year. That suspect was captured and arrested and no similar crimes have occurred since (The increase in business robberies does NOT include bank robberies, which saw a slight decrease last year).

   One notable omission from the regular police performance summary are injury traffic crashes. Chief Masterson says his goal is to include those statistics in future reports to target problem areas or behavior for increased public education and traffic law enforcement.

For complete 2009 Boise City Crime, Calls for Service and Arrest report, go to:

Further notes on Boise's 2009 Crime Stats:

  • Reported rape, burglary, theft categories reflect the larges 5 year decreases.
  • Majority of business robberies do not share commonalities and are sporatic in times and locations of occurrences - meaning there is often no noticeable connection between them. Time of year also does not appear to be a factor.
  • Assault/Battery continue to decline over the 5 year period.
  • Fraud has also slowed.
  • Embezzlement recently decreased after four years of increased reports.
  • Both Vandalism and Graffiti decreased in 2009. The graffiti tracking and abatement program initiated in 2008 may be influential in the two-year graffiti decrease (see news release at Oct. 1, 2008).
  • Group B crimes are the lowest in 5 years.
  • The Boise City Public Intoxication Ordinance went into affect Oct. 1, 2006, thus reflecting a sudden increase in drunkenness in 2007. The numbers have since stabilized.

    Boise statistics will be forwarded to Idaho State Police and the FBI who will present regional crime comparission data later this year.

2009 Clearance rate 47.7%

Clearance = Those cases which have been cleared by an arrest, a summons issued, or by exceptional means when some element beyond law enforcement control precludes a physical arrest. Those cases with an outstanding warrant - though solved - are not included in the clearance rate. 2008 Clearance rate = 53.8%

2009 Top 10 Public Initiated Calls:

Welfare Check………3660

Non-injury Collision...3415

Burglary Alarm………3111

Theft report…………..2119

Reckless Driver ATL...2001

Drunk Driver ATL…...1773

Suspicious Subject…...1596

Noise complaint……...1572

Suspicious Vehicle…...1460

Welfare Ck/911 hang up…1423


2009 Top 5 Traffic Infractions:



No Insurance

Failure to Register Annually

Stop Sign/Yield Violations


2009 Top 5 Misdemeanors:

Alcohol Violations (not DUI)

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Driving Without Privileges

Drivers License Violations (don't have one, faulty info, etc)

Insurance Violations