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Monday, December 21, 2009

12-21-09 BPD Continues Intensive DUI Education/Enforcement this Holiday Season

12-21-09 BPD Continues Intensive DUI Education/Enforcement this Holiday Season
Follow to release issued 12-17-09:

   Boise, Dec. 21, 2009 - Boise Police continued the intensive DUI education and enforcement campaign this weekend, part of a holiday campaign to prevent drunk and impaired driving.

DUI ARRESTS: Boise Police made 19 DUI arrests in the city this weekend.

  BREATHALYZER RESULTS (BPD and MADD partnered Saturday night/Sunday morning offering downtown entertainment district patrons the opportunity to take a free Breathalyzer test.)
Approx 425 tests given:

21-25          (44%)
26-30          (38%)
31-35          (11%)
36-40          (3%)
41 and above  (4%)


Est. BAC (blood alcohol content):
under .08       (54%)
.08-.15          (32%)
.16-.20           (08%)
.21-25            (4%)
.26-.30            (2%)
High BAC was .28, tested just before midnight.
   Boise Police, with the help of two teenage girls, checked 14 bars and restaurants Friday night for underage alcohol sales. Police had received information or complaints regarding several of the businesses selling alcohol to minors.
   Of the 14 checked, 4 were cited for violating Idaho law against alcohol sales to minors.
   All the establishments were in the downtown Boise are or near Boise State University.
   Of those servers or establishments in violation, officers noted:
- 1 of the establishments in violation had received server training this past year through the "TIPS" training program.  That server actually checked the minors ID. The minors used their REAL ID which, in Idaho for citizens under age 21 is vertical, as opposed to the horizontal ID for those over 21. The server looked at the underage ID and still served the alcohol.
- In another case the server asked for ID, then never even looked at it.
- At another establishment, a BPD patrol officer had been in the establishment earlier in the day to check/educate them in regards to the city's server training ordinance.
- Another establishment didn't have a valid beer/wine license and was still serving alcohol to patrons. 
   BPD turns the results of investigations like these over to the Idaho State Police to follow through with possible administrative sanctions. BPD does not release the names of those establishments, as they remain under an ISP administrative investigation.
   BPD does similar investigations into underage alcohol sales several times a year in cooperation with Idaho State Police Alcohol Beverage Control unit.
 Dangers of Underage Drinking:

    It's well documented, underage drinking can lead to tragedy. Underage drinking is a factor in the 4 leading causes of death in people ages 10 to 24: motor vehicle crashes, unintentional injuries, homicide and suicide.      

    Underage alcohol use can be prevented. Research shows teens are less likely to drink alcohol when access is difficult, both in the home and in the community, and parents explain that they expect "no use" before age 21 and monitor their children's activities.