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Chief of Police

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Monday, December 14, 2009

12-14-09 Citizen Alert - Robbery, possible Abduction Attempt

12-14-09 Citizen Alert - Robbery, possible Abduction Attempt

    Boise, Dec. 14, 2009 - Boise Police are investigating a report of an attempted robbery and possible abduction from a retail parking lot.

    “We don’t want people to be alarmed, we want people to be aware,” said Lt. Ron Winegar, Boise Police Watch Commander. “We don’t want this to happen again. This type of event is fortunately very rare in our community. But while officers are investigating, this does serve as a vivid reminder to all of us, we need to very aware of our surroundings and practice some basic but very important safety precautions.”

    What Happened: A woman reports to Boise Police that Sunday afternoon, Dec. 13th, shortly after 2:00 p.m. she left a retail store in the Franklin - Milwaukee area and was getting into her car. She tells officers she had just put several shopping bags into the back seat of her vehicle, entered the driver’s seat and was buckling her seat belt when a man opened the driver’s side rear door, and got into the back seat. The woman says he held a small black handgun.

    The woman tells officers the man demanded for money, then asked to be driven to her ATM. The woman says she gave the man a reason why she was unable to go to her ATM at that time. The suspect then changed his directions and asked her to drive him a short distance away where he got out of the vehicle. The woman drove home and called police. She was not injured.

    Boise Police began an immediate search of the area but were unable to find anyone matching the suspect description. At this time, this is an isolated incident in Boise. The witness says she did not see the man in the parking lot prior to him getting in her car.

    Suspect Description: light skinned male in his mid-30’s, light brown facial hair, wearing a tight-fitting solid brown beanie, large round black sunglasses, blue jeans, and a dark and light brown quilted flannel-type jacket.

    “The woman says she tried to stay calm, but understandably this had to be very frightening,” said Lt. Winegar. “Detectives are working hard to find whoever this suspect is and keep this crime from happening again.”

    “Criminals often look for what they think is an easy target. What we can all take from this case is the importance of being absolutely alert and attentive to our surroundings.” said Lt. Winegar.

    Anyone with information is urged to contact CrimeStoppers at 343-COPS, log onto, or text CRIMES or 274637, subject: Tip236.


- Be alert to your surroundings. Avoid and alert store security if you see someone who appears to be loitering near parked cars.

- Make eye contact; bad guys don't want to be identified.

- Lock your car at all times and as soon as you and your passengers are inside the vehicle.

- Don’t be distracted by your iPod or cell phone. In crowded places, use cell phones only for urgent or emergency calls. Idle chats can distract you long enough for your purse or shopping bags to disappear and keep you from being alert to your surroundings.

- Make your exit quickly. When ready to leave, have your keys ready before heading to the parking area.

- Don't leave valuables in cars. If you must leave them, lock them away in the trunk or where they can't be seen.

- Overburdened shoppers can make tempting targets. When the bags pile up, take them to the car or take them home.

- Streamline your pocketbook. Limit potential losses by emptying your wallet and purse of everything you don't need, like credit cards you don't plan to use.

- Take only a few checks instead of your whole checkbook.

- Safeguard your money. Carry your billfold in a deep front pocket, or wear a fanny pack with a pouch in the front.

- Shop with a friend; two people are less vulnerable than one!