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Thursday, November 19, 2009

11-19-09 Fall Boise Graffiti Cleanup Efforts!

11-19-09 Fall Boise Graffiti Cleanup Efforts!

    Today Boise Police Officers partnered with neighbors to clean up graffiti around downtown Boise! Approximately 10 volunteers, many from last year's cleanup, and an equal number of officer's picked up spray paint cans and rollers to help keep our community clean. Volunteers focused on dumpsters, utility boxes and other blemishes for approximately 3 hours this morning. This fall cleanup has been scaled back as the number of reported graffiti cases has fallen, or been dealt with in a swift manner, due in part to the new reporting system. 

"It's proven that 90 percent of the time when there is graffiti up, it will come back or it will grow. If we take it down it's less likely that people will put up new graffiti, that’s why we are out here today, to help make a difference in our neighborhoods." says Boise Police Officer Dave Burch who participated in today's cleanup efforts.

    Reporting, Removing Graffiti: Boise Police want to remind citizens when they see graffiti to report it immediately to non-emergency dispatch, 377-6790. And a reminder to property owners, it's important to clean up and remove graffiti as quickly as possible after it's been documented by police. Allowing graffiti to linger in an area has been shown to only perpetuate the crime.

   For more on the Boise Police Graffiti reporting system, log onto and go to the news release issued Oct. 1, 2008 titled "New Graffiti Reporting should mean Quicker Clean Up".
  Graffiti Issue in Boise: The vast majority of the graffiti in Boise is called "Tagging". Tagging is a signature or symbol used by a tagger or a group of tagger's. Tagging is not gang graffiti. Taggers motivation is public exposure, on signs, billboards, buildings, or through the media.


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Charles McClure

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