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Monday, November 16, 2009

11-16-09 BSU - UI Game Day Busy but Safe

11-16-09 BSU - UI Game Day Busy but Safe
Officers Credit Pro-Active Patrols.

   Boise, Nov. 16, 2009 - Boise Police say crowds inside and outside the stadium were well behaved during the big Bronco - Vandal football game Saturday. Boise Police, partnering with other area law enforcement did have extra patrol on duty to watch for problems, specifically drunk driving, other alcohol related issues, illegal parking, and fighting.

The Treasure Valley DUI Task Force was activated for Saturday night in Boise. 

  - Extra patrols were also working in and around the BSU area before, during and after the game (see news release dated Nov. 12 at

  - Officers believe the extra patrols caught potential problems before they could grow and lead to larger issues or injuries.

   "What we've learned from large crowds in the past is officer presence is often a deterrent to problems. People see the officers and that helps keep behavior in check." said Boise Chief of Police Michael Masterson, who worked in uniform on patrol during the game.

   "When we do see problems, they're likely caused by just a few individuals. If we can address the potential trouble makers while problems remain small, the rest of the crowd who really is well behaved, can continue to enjoy themselves safely and without police intervention."  said Chief Masterson.
    Officers were also looking for individuals or businesses providing alcohol to minors.
   "The dangers of underage kids drinking alcohol is well known," said Chief Masterson. "Young people consuming alcohol leads to accidents, crimes, and sadly, serious injuries that can impact a young person for the rest of their life. Safety of our young people is a priority. We have no tolerance for people who jeopardize their safety."
     Officers say the pro-active planning appears successful. Many violations were consistent with similar games; the two most noticeable issues over the weekend being drunk driving and illegal parking.
Drunk Driving:
   Boise Police activated the Treasure Valley DUI Task Force from 5:00 p.m. Saturday to 4:00 a.m. Sunday. Thanks to a mutual aid agreement, and funding assistance from the ITD Office of Highway Safety, 18 officers from Boise PD, Nampa PD, Caldwell PD and Idaho State Police teamed up to enforce drunk driving laws in Boise City. In all 15 DUI units were on patrol in the city overnight (18 officers, 15 units means some officers were two to a car), which is about double the typical number of DUI patrols.
Treasure Valley DUI Task Force results:
  • 36 DUI arrests were made in Boise City 5:00 p.m. Saturday to 4:00 a.m. Sunday. That number of approx 3 times higher than a typical weekend night.
  • 15 other arrests were made by the Task Force for offenses like driving without privileges, marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, minors in consumption of alcohol.
   DUI officers focused their enforcement in the busy downtown entertainment district, and also major arterials and neighborhoods throughout the city where DUI's are known to be an issue.
Parking Citations:
   Officers issued 217 parking citations Saturday in the neighborhoods surrounding BSU. Citations were written for parking too close and blocking visibility of stop signs, intersections and fire hydrants, as well as parking on sidewalks and parking in violations of signs or yellow or red curbs.
   On average, Boise Police write approx 130 parking violations during a BSU football game in the neighborhoods around campus.
Alcohol Violations:
(For context, comparisons are being made to the BSU vs Oregon Game Sept. 3rd due to both games being the two regular season games with unusually large crowds outside the stadium, including Julia Davis Park, residential neighborhoods surrounding campus, parking lots and nearby business districts.)
   Open Container: Saturday, Officers issued 125 citations to adults in possession of open containers of alcohol in prohibited areas. This number is higher than the average game day, but lower than the 164 citations written for open container violations during the BSU - Oregon game September 3rd.
   Minor in Possession of Alcohol - 17 minors were cited for being in possession of alcohol. 18 minors were cited during the Oregon game. 17 minors were also cited during the Miami-Ohio game Sept. 12th.
   Providing Alcohol to Minors - 3 adults were cited or arrested for providing alcohol to minors. One of those adults was also found to be in violation of Idaho's law regarding carrying concealed weapons. Two 2 minors involved, both 18 year old girls, were assisting police in this investigation.
   1 business was cited for allowing an 18 year old to loiter in a bar near campus. Business violations are sent to the Idaho State Police for review and/or administrative penalties.
Arrest during or just after the game, in the area immediately surrounding the stadiums: 7

  These are arrests made during or just after the game, in the area immediately surrounding the stadium, for offenses including public intoxication, providing alcohol to minors, DUI, and criminal trespass. That compares with 6 arrests made during the Oregon game.