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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10-14-09 Stabbing Suspect Arrested After Chase, Assault on Officer

10-14-09 Stabbing Suspect Arrested After Chase, Assault on Officer

    Boise, Oct. 14, 2009, 10:25 p.m. - Boise Police arrested a man tonight, wanted for a stabbing attack on another man Tuesday morning ( see news release dated Oct. 13 at The man was arrested after attempting to hit a police officer with his vehicle, and leading police on a chase that reached speeds up to 80 mph on northbound Linder Rd. through Meridian and Eagle.

    "We knew this suspect was very dangerous, and felt his continued freedom was an extreme risk to public safety," said Lt. Alan Cavener, Boise Police Patrol Watch Commander. "A vehicle pursuit is something we take very seriously and constantly monitor, trying to balance public safety and the need to take a dangerous criminal off the streets."

    "We're very pleased and thankful for all the officers from all the agencies who helped us track and find this suspect tonight. The K9 team did an excellent job. The K9's are trained to keep officers and citizens safe while locating and apprehending suspects, which is just what the K9 teams did tonight," said Lt. Cavener.

    The chase ended in the Eagle foothills near N. Linder Rd. and W. Homer Rd. when the suspect crashed his car, ran, and was found by a Boise Police K9 hiding in heavy brush near a canal. The suspect would not obey police commands, and was subsequently bitten by the police K9. The suspect was then taken into custody. Currently he is at a Boise hospital being treated for the K9 bite.

    Arrested: Cody Fortin, 25, Boise
Fortin was arrested on a Felony Aggravated Battery warrant, $1 million dollar bond stemming from Tuesday's stabbing.

    Officers say Fortin is a documented gang member.

    Once Fortin is treated and released from the hospital, expected in the next hour, he will be transported to the Ada County Jail. Fortin likely faces additional charges following tonight's chase, including Felony charges of Eluding Police and Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer.

    What Happened: Boise Police have been searching for the suspect in a stabbing that occurred early Tuesday morning that left a Boise man with serious injuries.

    After investigating, Detectives with the Boise Police Gang Unit secured an arrest warrant for the suspect Fortin on the Felony Aggravated Battery early today. Officers also learned the suspect was driving a red Firebird.

    Boise Gang Detectives located the suspect Fortin about 6:30 p.m. this evening on the 1400 blk. of Kingswood Ave. in Meridian. As an officer on foot approached Fortin, who was in his car, the suspect took off, very nearly hitting the officer with his vehicle.

    Both Boise and Meridian Police Officers followed the suspect as he turned onto northbound Linder Rd. The suspect was driving at excessive speeds, at times up to 80 mph as he headed north on Linden. Northbound traffic at the time was light to moderate, getting lighter the further north the suspect drove.

    Officers followed the suspect as he turned west on W. Homer Rd. at the base of the Eagle foothills. Approx one mile west, the suspect crashed through a wooden fence at Homer and N. Hawkcrest Ln. The suspect ran, jumping two fences and into a nearby canal.

    Pursuing officers found the suspects shoes, muddy and wet. It appeared to officers the suspect literally ran out of his shoes and was now barefoot hiding in the thick brush along the canal. The canal was bordered on either side by large fields.

    Officers from Boise, Meridian, Garden City, Idaho State Police and Ada County deputies set a solid perimeter around the area to prevent the suspect's escape. After approx 30 minutes, with the help of two Boise PD K9 teams, the suspect was located in the brush. When the suspect refused officers commands to surrender, he was bitten and apprehended by Boise Police K9 Vigo, a 3 1/2 year old Belgian Malanois.

    The suspect was transported by Ada County paramedics to a Boise hospital, where he remains at this hour. He is expected to be booked into the Ada County Jail sometime tonight.