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Friday, October 09, 2009

10-09-09 Two Arrested in Marijuana Trafficking Bust

10-09-09 Two Arrested in Marijuana Trafficking Bust

BANDIT Detectives Arrest 2, Seize 1 lb, 25 MJ Plants

    Boise, Oct 9, 2009 - Detectives with the Boise Police Narcotics Unit have arrested two men for Manufacturing and Delivery of Marijuana. The arrests are part of an on going investigation into marijuana sales in Boise.

Arrested: Joshua M. Dombi. 21, Boise
Charge: Manufacturing Marijuana (F), Possession with Intent to Delivery Marijuana (F)

Arrested: Bryce L. Garrett, 24, Boise
Charge: Possession with Intent to Delivery Marijuana, 2 cts (F)

    The Boise Police Narcotics Unit, known as Bandit, has been investigating a marijuana sales operation for the past three months. During this investigation detectives received information that suspects Garrett and Dombi were selling marijuana out of their home located on the 5600 blk of Jonquill St., in east Boise's Columbia Village.

    On Thursday, October 8th, an agent with the Boise Police Department was used to purchase marijuana from Garrett. Following the delivery, a search warrant was served at Garrett and Dombi's residence. The warrant was served by officers with the Boise Police Special Operations Unit after detectives received information the suspects had weapons in the residence. Suspects Dombi and Garrett where both in the residence when the warrant was served late last night.

    Bandit detectives seized nearly one pound of marijuana and approximately $3500.00 in cash after searching the house. They also located a marijuana grow in the residence. There were approximately 25 plants that had already been harvested and 3 more seized.

    Again, the Bandit investigation into marijuana sales in ongoing.

    About BANDIT: The BANDIT Task Force investigates gambling, prostitution and illegal drug use. The Task Force includes Detectives from the Boise Police Department, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agency and the Idaho National Guard, working as part of a multi-jurisdictional task force called B.A.N.D.I.T. (Boise Area Narcotics and Drug Interdiction Task Force), commissioned to protect the community from illegal drug activity.

37-2732B.Trafficking -- Mandatory sentences. (a) Except as authorized in this chapter, and notwithstanding the provisions of section 37-2732, Idaho Code:
(1) Any person who knowingly manufactures, delivers, or brings into this state, or who is knowingly in actual or constructive possession of, one (1) pound of marijuana or more, or twenty-five (25) marijuana plants or more, as defined in section 37-2701, Idaho Code, is guilty of a felony, which felony shall be known as "trafficking in marijuana." If the quantity of marijuana involved:
(A) Is one (1) pound or more, but less than five (5) pounds, or consists of twenty-five (25) marijuana plants or more but fewer than fifty (50) marijuana plants, regardless of the size or weight of the plants, such person shall be sentenced to a mandatory minimum fixed term of imprisonment of one (1) year and fined not less than five thousand dollars ($5,000);


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