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Thursday, August 20, 2009

08-20-09 Overnight Arrests

08-20-09 Overnight Arrests

  Boise August 20th, 2009 -  Boise Police Overnight Arrests of note


  Warrant Arrested: Paul Brookhouse, 52, Boise

    Warrant Charges: Impersonating a Police Officer (F)

    Paul Brookhouse was taken into custody overnight on an outstanding felony warrant for Impersonating a Police Officer (August 20th) at approximately 12:40 a.m. 

     The arrest warrant stems from an incident that took place on July 17th of this year. On that date the suspect was involved in a man with a gun call in downtown Boise. At the time the suspect produced a handgun as he intervened in a theft, after chasing the suspect on foot. Witnesses tell police that the suspect identified himself as a Boise Police Officer as he held the theft suspect at gunpoint. That investigative information was forwarded to the Ada County Prosecuting Attorneys Office and resulted in the felony arrest warrant.

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07-17-09 Downtown theft/man with a gun incident

    Boise July 17th, 2009 - Boise Police are pleased that a downtown theft didn't escalate into something more serious.

    "We caution all citizens to think carefully before intervening in a potentially dangerous situation without knowing what is actually taking place. Although we are pleased that the theft suspect is in custody the situation could have easily turned into something much worse in this busy part of town." says Boise Police Lt. Ron Winegar. "Our concern is always primarily for the safety of the citizens of Boise and the last thing we would want to see is someone seriously injured."

What Happened: Boise Police received a call of a man with a gun this afternoon at approximately 1:18 p.m in the area of Americana and River. As multiple Boise Police units arrived on scene they located two men with handguns and de-escalated the situation. 

    Witnesses tell police that the original suspect, later identified as John Dickey had stolen personal property from the victim at a nearby homeless shelter. The suspect fled on foot traveling Eastbound on River Street.  As the victim chased the suspect on foot, a third man intervened in the chase by producing a handgun and ordering the suspect to stop. The suspect was on the ground and held at gunpoint when a third citizen, who was also a concealed weapons permit holder and only saw a man with a gun pointing it at someone, intervened and demanded that the other man drop his gun. Officers then arrived on scene and took the suspect into custody. 

    At this time the original theft suspect has been taken into custody and charged with petit theft. No other citations have been issued and the investigative information will be forwarded to the Ada County Prosecuting Attorneys Office for review.


    Arrested: John W. Dickey, 46, No Known Address  

    Charges: Petit theft (m)



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