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Thursday, August 13, 2009

08-13-09 Overnight Felony Arrests

08-13-09 Overnight Felony Arrests

    Boise August 13th, 2009 - Overnight Felony Arrests


  Warrant Arrested: Raylynn R. Streeter, 20, Boise

    Warrant Charges: Injury to a Child (F)

  Warrant Arrested: Chad R. Streeter, 20, Boise

    Warrant Charges: Injury to a Child (F)

    Raylynn Streeter and Chad Streeter were taken into custody on an outstanding felony warrant for Injury to a Child yesterday (August 12th) at approximately 6:40 p.m. at a home in the North end of Boise.

    The arrest warrants stem from an incident that took place on May 15th of this year. On that date the two suspects took a child, under one year of age, to a local hospital for treatment of a rash. Doctors discovered unexplained injuries on the child and called police. The child was turned over to the custody of State Health and Welfare. That investigative information was forwarded to the Ada County Prosecuting Attorneys Office and resulted in the felony arrest warrant.

18-1501.Injury to children. (1) Any person who, under circumstances or conditions likely to produce great bodily harm or death, willfully causes or permits any child to suffer, or inflicts thereon unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering, or having the care or custody of any child, willfully causes or permits the person or health of such child to be injured, or willfully causes or permits such child to be placed in such situation that its person or health is endangered, is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one (1) year, or in the state prison for not less than one (1) year nor more than ten (10) years.


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