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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

07-07-09 Stolen Bike Recovered, daily arrests

07-07-09 Stolen Bike Recovered, daily arrests

    Boise, July 7, 2009 - Boise Police helped a citizen recover their stolen bicycle after the citizen found the bike for sale on an internet site. Officers charged the suspect with Grand Theft, a felony, since the stolen mountain bike was worth an estimated $1,100.

    Arrested: Marcus R. Horner, 20, Boise

    Charge: Grand Theft (F)

    "A lot of would-be thieves are simply opportunists looking for something easy to steal, like an unlocked bike," said Lt. Alan Cavener, Boise Police Patrol Watch Commander. "Even if you're away from your bike for just a few minutes in an area you think is safe, invest in a quality lock and use it, every time. Unfortunately, not all stolen bikes are recovered so quickly."

    What Happened: On July 4th, between 2:30 a.m. and 2:45 a.m., a mountain bike valued at approx $1,100 was stolen from in front of a home in the area of W. Camas St and So. Cole Rd. Reportedly the bike was left in the yard unlocked. On Monday, July 6th, the owner of the bike checked Craig's list internet site and saw the bike for sale for $500. The owner recognized the bike due to some damage and gear peculiar to this mountain bike.

    The bike owner called Boise Police and told officers he had arranged to meet the internet seller at a nearby park. When the seller arrived with the bike, officers confronted the suspect and found evidence he had stolen the bike from a neighbors home. Officers had the owners positively identify the bike by opening the combination lock, and providing the sales records.


    Arrested: Brent W. Revai, 61, Boise

    Charge: Indecent Exposure (m)

    A Boise Police investigator, driving in the area of Emerald and Milwaukee Monday, July 6th at approx 4:00 p.m. saw another driver who the investigator recognized as a suspect in a previous indecent exposure incident in the area. The BPD investigator followed the man, later identified as Revai, to a nearby parking lot. The investigator contacted employees of a nearby business, who saw through their security cameras the suspect exposing himself in the business parking lot. The suspect was taken into custody and arrested on the Indecent Exposure charge.


    Arrested: Lori B. Klem, 45, Garden City

    Charge: Prescription Fraud (F)

    Boise Police were called by a pharmacist who reported what she thought was a fraudulent prescription. The pharmacist had been given the prescription by a woman, later identified as Klem. However, the pharmacist told police when she called the doctor, the doctor stated she had not written the prescription to the suspect. The prescription called for several types of narcotic pain relievers and muscle relaxants. The doctor stated to officers she would be willing to follow through with charges against the suspect. Officers located the suspect, Klem, in the pharmacy parking lot. The suspect was arrested on the above charges.


    Arrested; Jacob J. Brown, 28, Boise

    Charge: Possession of Methampetamine (F), Possession of Drug paraphernalia (m)

    Boise Police were called an office of Probation and Parole. At the office, Boise Police officers met with a Parole Agent who reported evidence of meth use by the suspect, Brown, which is against conditions of Brown's probation. The suspect Brown was at the P & P office. While at the office with the suspect, the officer found a small quantity of meth and meth paraphernalia in the suspect's possession. The suspect was arrested on the above charges.