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Thursday, June 18, 2009

06-18-09 Theft Charges after Parolee fails to Return Monitoring Device - Daily Arrests

06-18-09 Theft Charges after Parolee fails to Return Monitoring Device - Daily Arrests
   Boise, June 18, 2009 - Boise Police have charged a man with Felony Grand Theft after he failed to return an alcohol monitoring device to his probation officer.
   Arrested: Jacob L. Lundahl, 22, Boise
   Charges: Grand Theft (F), Failure to Appear (F), FTA x 2 (that means Failure to Appear - two counts)(m), Contempt of Court (m), Probation Violation (m)
   Boise Police were contacted by A Probation and Parole agent April 3, 2009. The agent reports that the suspect, Lundahl, as a condition of his misdemeanor probation, was required to wear a SCRAM alcohol monitoring device. The device is an ankle bracelet
that helps courts and agencies continuously monitor their alcohol offenders to ensure they’re not drinking. The probation agent reported they had lost contact and been unable to find the suspect for more than a month. On May 27th, the SCRAM device was returned anonymously to the Ada County Probation Office, however the victim, the parole agency, wanted to continue the pursuit of charges against the suspect. The suspect, Lundahl was located and booked into the Ada County Jail Wednesday, June 17th.
   Arrested: Harry C. Murphy, Jr., 69, Boise
   Charge: Indecent Exposure (m)
   Boise Police were called by a neighbor to the 1400 blk. of 21st St at about 7:45 p.m. Wednesday, June 17th, 2009. When the first officer arrived, the suspect was sitting on the porch of a home with his pant clearly below his well below his waist. The home did not belong to the suspect. The suspect Murphy was arrested and booked into the Ada County Jail on a charge of indecent exposure.