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Thursday, June 11, 2009

06-11-09 Aggressive Drivers Targeted in Special Patrols

06-11-09 Aggressive Drivers Targeted in Special Patrols

Motorists advised to Chill or Pay the Bill

    Boise, June 11, 2009 - Boise Police will have extra patrols on the streets beginning tomorrow, Friday, June 12th, targeting aggressive drivers.

    "Aggressive driving is simply defined as anyone who drives in such a way that they endanger others," said Officer Eric Simunich of the Boise Police Motors Unit, the unit leading BPD's aggressive driving enforcement campaign.

    "Too many times an individual taking out their aggression on the road gets somebody hurt. Sometimes a ticket is the best tool we have to educate people to the danger of aggressive driving and try to get them to stop unsafe behavior." said Officer Simunich.

    Boise Police Officers will tickets drivers who:

  • Fail to yield the right-of-way
  • Roll through stop signs
  • Exceed posted speed limits or break the basic rule of driving too fast for conditions
  • Drive recklessly
  • Tailgate
  • Disregard traffic signs or signals

    Fines for aggressive driving citations begin at $75.


    Aggressive driving is a leading cause of accidents and injuries. 

  • Preliminary data from 2008 shows there were 100 aggressive driving fatalities on Idaho roads. 
  • Failure to yield to right of way and driving too fast for conditions were the top two contributing circumstances for deaths and serious injuries on Idaho roads last year.

    Boise Police have been awarded a grant of more than $23,000 from the Idaho Transportation Office of Highway Safety to pay for officer overtime to enforce aggressive driving laws. The intensive campaign runs through June 21st.

    The ITD Office of Highway Safety is supporting efforts by local agencies like Boise PD by mounting a public awareness campaign to educate drivers on the dangers and consequences of aggressive driving, including billboards, radio and online advertising, and working with local reporters.


    If you know of an area where motorists consistently drive aggressively, log onto and click on Report a Crime Online. The link will take you to a page where you can type in your traffic concern and it will be routed directly to the patrol office of the Boise Police Department.