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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

06-09-09 Human Skeletal Remains found in Boise Foothills

06-09-09 Human Skeletal Remains found in Boise Foothills
  Boise, June 9, 2009 - Boise Police detectives are investigating circumstances surrounding human skeletal remains found in the foothills north of Shaw Mountain Rd near Rocky Canyon. The area is remote, well off the road, and accessible only by foot or ATV.
   A human bone, what appeared to be a piece of a human skull, was found by a jogger in the foothills Monday, June 8th, who reported it to police last night.
   Gathering & Preserving Evidence: Officers were on scene at daylight this morning and have spent the day carefully gathering and preserving evidence. Since this morning, officers have found several other bones in the immediate area that appear to be skeletal human remains. Officers expect to wrap up their search for bones and evidence at the scene by early evening today. BPD detectives are being assisted in their investigation by experts from the Boise PD Crime Lab, the Ada County Coroner's Office and the Ada County Sheriff's Office.
   Archeological Dig:  "This is very much like an archeological dig," said Lynn Hightower, spokesperson for the Boise Police Department. "The remains are skeletal and it's obvious the bones and any evidence in the immediate area has been exposed to the weather. Because of those conditions, it may be some time before detectives are sure who the bones belong to and how they got there."
   Missing Persons Reports? Boise Police Detectives are researching missing persons reports going back several years in Boise and surrounding areas, and will match those reports with evidence found at the scene to come up with a possible identity.  Other evidence tests will also be used to make every effort to confirm an identity.
   Too early for answers: "At this point, it's too early to tell if a crime has been committed, or just what the circumstances are surrounding these bones," said Hightower.   "Officers are finding some evidence at the scene that could be used to piece the case together. Some of the department's most experienced detectives are working the case, basically to keep all options open as this case may develop in any number of possible directions, from an accident to a crime."
   Detectives say, because of the uncertainty of the case and the direction it will lead, it's too early in the investigation to detail publically all the evidence found.
   Further information will be released as it becomes available.
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Boise Police Department
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