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Monday, April 20, 2009

04-20-09 Battery on an Officer, Parking Meter Vandalism, weekend arrests

04-20-09 Battery on an Officer, Parking Meter Vandalism, weekend arrests

April 20, 2009 -

    Suspect- Thomas M. Shouey, 35, Kuna

    Charges- Malicious Injury to Property (m), Petit Theft (m), Carrying a Concealed Weapon (m)

    Boise Police responded to a call from a Capitol Mall security guard reporting someone breaking into parking meters just after midnight Sunday morning near Washington & 8th Streets. Boise Police patrol officers who had been on walking patrols around the downtown quickly located the suspect thanks to the security guard's description. The guard signed a complaint against the suspect and he was arrested on the vandalism charges. Searching the suspect, Shouey, officers found him in possession of a number of quarters that officers believe were taken from the parking meters. Inside his jacket, the suspect was also carrying a hatchet, a long knife with a blade approx 10-inches long, as well as tools, including a hammer. Officers later found two parking meters in the area that had been smashed open.

    Boise Police want to thank the security guard for his observation and quick report. Officers encourage citizens who see vandalism in progress to immediately call 911.


    Suspect: Lydia N. Hughes, 19, Boise

    Charges: Battery on a Police Officer (F), DUI Enhanced (m), Minor in Possession of Alcohol (m)

    Boise Police were called by a citizen reporting a possible DUI driver swerving into oncoming traffic in the area of Maple Grove and Franklin in west Boise Sunday morning approx 2;13 a.m. The citizen also reported that, at one point, the driver drove up on the sidewalk.

    Boise Police quickly located the driver and made the traffic stop. Officers noticed a str9ong smell of alcohol. Beer cans were also found in the vehicle. The suspect, Hughes was arrested. At the jail she blew a blood alcohol level of .228, which is over .20 , making the DUI Enhanced (if found guilty, additional penalties are possible. See DUI penalties at:

    After giving a breath sample at the jail, the suspect became combative and refused to follow officer's directions. At one point, the suspect swung her arms hitting a police officer with her handcuffs, cutting the officers forearm.