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Thursday, April 16, 2009

04-16-09 Gang member Arrested for Aggravated Battery & Intimidation. Grand Theft charges also top Overnight Arrests

04-16-09 Gang member Arrested for Aggravated Battery & Intimidation. Grand Theft charges also top Overnight Arrests

Boise April 16th, 2009 - Gang member Arrested for Aggravated Battery & Intimidation. Grand Theft charges also top Overnight Arrests

    Officers with the Boise Police Gang Unit, with assistance of the Metro Federal Gang Task Force and Boise Patrol officers, arrested a local gang member for the severe beating of a man this past weekend at a Boise motel. Police had been looking for the suspect in connection with the beating. He was located early wednesday evening in a vehicle in the area of State Street and 36th Street. 

    Arrested: Vance E. Thumm, 28, Boise

    Charges: Aggravated Battery (F), Intimidation of a states witness (M)

    Officers made what's called a "felony traffic stop" on Thumm's vehicle. He was arrested on a $1,000,000 (one-million dollar) bond for the charges of Aggravated Battery and Intimidating a State Witness in connection with the beating. The victim in the beating had sever injuries and was hospitalized, but has since been released. Boise Police Gang investigators say this case is still under investigation and more arrests are possible.

    Boise Police say Thumm is a member of a local criminal street gang that originated in the Idaho State Prison. At the time of his arrest, Thumm was out on bond pending Aggravated Battery charges for another incident last year in Meridian.


    Arrested: Couri A. Inwards, 23, Boise

    New Charges: 2 counts of Grand Theft by Possession (F), Fraudulent use of a credit card (F), Probation Violation

    Boise Police, working with Idaho Probation and Parole agents, arranged to interview Couri Inwards in connection with an ongoing theft case. The investigation involved numerous stolen items and a bank card. The stolen items included 2 lap tops and a set of skiis. Boise Police Burglary Detectives say they have evidence Imwards stole the items then pawned them at several Treasure Valley pawn shops. Officers say the credit cards was also used to fraudulently purchase items that would then be pawned for cash. Detectives believe the thefts began in January. Officers say evidence shows the victims were people the suspect knew, including roommates and neighbors. The thefts occurred on at least two occasions. After the interview with Inwards, Boise Police detectives took the suspect into custody on the above charges.


    Arrested: Aimee L. Werry, 30, Boise

    Warrant Charges: Grand Theft (F)

    New Charges: Possession of Marijuana (M), Resisting and obstructing (M)

    Boise Police located the wanted suspect, Aimee Werry, as she was leaving her residence on the 6500 block of West Douglas yesterday at approximately 7:55 a.m. When the suspect pulled out of her driveway, Boise Police the patrol officer activated his emergency lights and attempted to stop the vehicle. The suspect failed to stop for officers. She did stop a short distance away. As Boise Police officers took her into custody on the outstanding theft warrant, a search incident to arrest recovered four grams of marijuana.

    The Grand Theft warrant stems from an incident that took place March 9th, 2009. Boise Police say they have evidence the suspect Werry stole a credit card from the victims mailbox in a North-end neighborhood. Officers traced charges placed on the stolen card, and working with retailers identified the suspect, who had used the card to charge more than $2,000.00 worth of merchandise. 


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