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Monday, April 06, 2009

04-06-09 Injury to a child, DUI Eluding charges top weekend Arrests

04-06-09 Injury to a child, DUI Eluding charges top weekend Arrests

    Boise April 6th, 2009 - Felony injury to a child charges top weekend arrests in Boise


    Warrant Arrest: Danielle M. Lansdowne, 22, Boise

    Warrant Charges: Injury to a child (F)

    Boise Police arrested Danielle Landsdowne Friday April 3rd on a felony warrant for injury to a child.

    The Warrant stems from an incident that took place on March 19th, 2009 at a home on the 2400 block of West Boise Avenue. A neighbor tells Police he heard a baby crying and a dog barking at the home at approximately 2:00 p.m. The neighbor knocked on the door repeatedly trying to get someone to answer. At approximately 2:10 p.m. the witness called police to report the situation. Boise Police Officers who responded to the home were unable to get anyone to answer the door. A few minutes later, at approximately 2:40 p.m. the suspect later identified as Danielle Landsdowne returned to the home and evidence indicates the child had been left alone while the mother ran some errands. The child, who is under one year of age, was turned over to the custody of the Department of Health and Welfare. The investigative information was turned over to the Ada County Prosecuting Attorneys Office and resulted in the warrant for her arrest.


Arrested: Harold R. Dawson, 43, Boise

Charges: Lewd Conduct With a minor (F)

    Boise Police arrested Harold Dawson on Sunday April 5th at approximately 11:00 p.m. at a home in West Boise. The suspect, who is well known to the victim, is accused of inappropriate touching with a child under 12 on Sunday, April 5, 2009. Detectives have no evidence that leads them to believe there are other victims at this time.


    Arrested: Robert C. Peters, 23, Unknown

    Charges: Writing Checks on a closed account (F)

    Boise Police, working with Meridian Police, arrested Robert Peters at a residence on the 3000 block of Valum Street in Meridian. The single charge of writing a check on a closed account stems from a car purchased on March 20th of 2009 from a Boise car dealership. At that time the suspect presented a check for the purchase of the car that was later determined to be from a closed account in the amount of more than $12,000.00. The suspect was taken into custody without incident. The vehicle has since been recovered. 


    Arrested: April A. Levasseur, 20, Hailey, ID

    Charges: Eluding Police (F), DUI (m), Minor in Possession (M), Open Container (M), Possession of a false identification (infraction)

    Boise Police observed a Ford Mustang traveling at an estimated 50 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone going westbound on Parkcenter Blvd. at approximately 11:43 p.m. Friday night, April 3, 2009. When officers attempted to stop the vehicle using overhead lights, siren, and a spotlight the vehicle sped up. The vehicle made a wide right turn onto southbound Broadway, west on Idaho Street. The vehicle ran the red light at Idaho St. almost hitting cars at the intersection. The suspect vehicle pulled over on Idaho just east of 1st Street. When the driver and only occupant, later identified as April Levasseur, was contacted by police for elluding, and officers found evidence she had been rinking. Officers also recovered an open container of beer in the vehicle resulting in the open container charge, and a case of beer in the back resulting in the possession charge. The suspect also had a false identification card in her possession and was taken into custody without further incident.


    Arrested: Jacob L. McDonald, 22, Boise

    Charges: Eluding (F), DUI (m)

    Boise Police officers on patrol in east Boise observed a black Saab slam it's brakes and stop in the middle of the intersection at Boise Ave. and Broadway Avenue at approximately 2:14 a.m. this morning. The vehicle then backed up to the crosswalk to wait for the light to change. Officers activated their emergency lights to stop the vehicle when the driver, later identified as Jacob McDonald, failed to yield and took off. The vehicle went north through an alley traveling an estimated 50 mph in a 20 mph zone.

    Officers lost sight of the vehicle, but found the suspect walking on a nearby street and identified him as the driver the the suspect car. Officers determined the suspect had been drinking and he was booked into the Ada County jail without further incident on the above listed charges.


    Arrested: Marilynne J. Delrio, 50, Boise

    Charges: Burglary (F)

    Boise Police responded to a shoplifting report at a retail store on the 8100 block of Fairview Avenue on Friday, April 3, 2009 at approximately 8:41 p.m. Employees at the store tell police they witnessed the suspect conceal several items in a shopping cart. Witnesses say she then left the store without paying for them. Loss prevention employees detained the woman and contacted police. Boise Police believe the suspect entered the store with the intent to steal, resulting in the felony burglary charge.

    The Boise Police Organized Retail Crime Unit has developed a positive, productive working relationship with loss prevention agents from many local retail stores, large and small, local and national chains. The goal of the BPD Organized Retail Crime Unit is to work with retailers to reduce theft and fraud, crimes that can impact consumer prices.

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