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Thursday, February 19, 2009

02-19-09 Trafficking charges top overnight arrests

02-19-09 Trafficking charges top overnight arrests

Arrested: Antone J. Chacartegui, 27 years old of Boise

Charges: Trafficking a Controlled Substance (heroin) (F)

Boise February 18th, 2009 - After a two month investigation the Boise Narcotics Unit served a search warrant at a home on the 2300 block of State Street at approximately 7:30 pm. Officers found multiple baggies containing a combined 46.2 grams of Heroin with a street value of roughly $7,000.00 dollars. Officers also recovered 9.8 grams of marijuana, scales, cash and other drug paraphernalia. The investigation into this case continues and more charges may be pending.


Arrested: Steven E. Thomas, 45 years old of Boise

Charges: DUI (F), Eluding Police (F)

Boise February 18th, 2009 - A concerned citizen called in a suspected DUI Driver eastbound on Kootenai from Orchard. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle with overhead lights. The driver accelerated to 60 in a 20 mph zone attempting to evade police. The vehicle came to a stop after a short persuit on the 2000 block of Palouse street where the suspect was taken into custody after exiting his vehicle. A blood draw was taken for further testing. The suspect has a prior felony conviction for DUI.


Arrested: Jason M. Vanderesch, 27 years old of Boise

Charges: Attempted Grand Theft (F), Carrying a Concealed Weapon (M)

Boise February 18th, 2009 - A Boise man entered a large retailer on the 8300 block of Overland at approximately 1:31 PM and attempted to steal numerous CD's, DVD's, and other items by placing them in a push cart and walking out the front door. Officers stopped him outside the store and found the suspect was carrying a concealed knife.


Arrested: George W. Johnston, 56 years old of Boise

Charges: Burglary (F), Petit Theft (M)

Boise February 18th, 2009 - At approximately 1:40 pm a Boise man entered a retail store on the 200 block of Milwaukee. The suspect located a pair of binoculars, opened the packaging and concealed the item on his person before leaving the store without paying for the items. As officers responded to the incident the suspect left the store and went to another retailer in the immediate area. Officers observed the suspect conceal a pair of eye glasses at the second store and exit the store without paying for them. Officers then took the suspect into custody.