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Monday, February 16, 2009

02-16-09 Shoplifting Spree Tops Weekend Arrests

02-16-09 Shoplifting Spree Tops Weekend Arrests
   Boise, Feb. 16, 2009:
Suspect: Michael H. Parker, 20, Hailey, ID
Charges: Burg (F), Grand Theft(F), FTA
   What Happened: Sat., Feb 14th, approx 4:00 p.m., Boise Police, thanks to an ongoing working relationship with loss prevention agents from local retailers, were called to a retailer in the area of Franklin and Milwaukee by a store employee who said they had witnesses a theft in progress. When officers arrived, the suspect had left that store, but witnesses were able to give officers a good suspect description and pointed officers in the direction the suspect had ran to.
   Officers searched the area and quickly located a man matching the suspect's description. After investigating, officers found evidence the suspect had stolen items from approx. 5 different stores in the area.
   Although the amount of merchandise stolen, mainly clothing, was not quite $300, investigating officers found evidence the suspect had indeed entered the stores with the intent to steal (felony burglary), and had continued to several different stores stealing additional items (felony grand theft - defined as a series of thefts committed during a criminal episode), the suspects now faces two felony charges, in addition to a misdemeanor charge of failing to appear in court on a past violation.
Suspect: Lynn A. Gwin, 53, Boise
Charges: Aggravated Assault (F), Battery (m), Possession drug paraphernalia (m)
   Occurred approx 3:00 a.m. this morning in a neighborhood near W. State and Fargo Streets. Charges resulted from a domestic violence incident. Victim has non-life threatening injuries. When officers arrived they found evidence of meth use on the suspect.
Suspect: Miguel Hernandez, 18, Boise
Charge: Burglary (F)
   Occurred Saturday, Feb 14th, approx 5:18 p.m. Suspect is accused of shoplifting from a retailer in the area of Franklin & Milwaukee. Remember, felony burglary under state statute goes to the suspect's intent to enter the store for the purpose of stealing something, not to the amount of items taken. In this case, suspect is accused of stealing jewelry valued at less than $10.