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Friday, January 16, 2009

01-16-09 Business Helps Police ID Bad Check Writers

01-16-09 Business Helps Police ID Bad Check Writers
   Boise, Jan. 16, 2008 - Boise Police Detectives arrested two women, a mother and daughter, Thursday for writing bad checks at a local retailer. What's notable about the case, detectives say, is that the daughter was a manager at the store, and the business had accounting procedures in place to catch the theft before the losses grew too large.
   Suspect: Nacole Ann Roberts, 39, Boise
   Suspect: Brenda J. Phillips, 60, Boise
   Charge: Writing Checks with Insufficient Funds, closed account (F)
   What Happened: Yesterday, Thursday, Jan. 16th, Boise Police were called to respond to a West Boise retail store. Internal accounting checks had found approx. $2,400 in checks written from a closed account. After investigating, Boise Police detectives found evidence the suspect, Roberts, was using her status as a manager at the store to override the business systems and accept bad checks. Further investigation led detectives to evidence Roberts mother, Phillips, was also involved.
   Good Reminder: "This is a good example of a business having back up, internal systems regularly checking their accounting," said Sgt. Randy Buzzini, of the Boise Police Property and Financial Crimes Unit.
   "We see a lot of businesses, especially small businesses, who lose a lot of money through theft or embezzlement because they don't have a regular system of checking and double checking their accounts." said Buzzini. " They notice the loss only when it's huge and that can be very damaging to a small business. This case is a good reminder of how important those double checks are."