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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

01-07-09 Arrest May Solve Several Burglaries

01-07-09 Arrest May Solve Several Burglaries

    Boise, Jan. 7, 2008 - Boise Police arrested a woman last night who officers believe may be responsible for several home burglaries in Boise, specifically in the Orchard-Overland area, and the neighborhoods around State Street between 18th & 27th Streets. 

    Officers believe the suspect has been burglarizing homes in these neighborhoods for the past several weeks. Many of the burglaries or attempted burglaries took place during the daytime.

    Arrested: Tamara A. Narad, 31, Boise

    Charges: 3 cts. Burglary (F), 2 cts. Attempted Burglary (F)

    At this time, detectives are still actively investigating this case, and believe Narad may be responsible for at least several more burglaries in the past several weeks in Boise City and elsewhere in Ada County.

    What Happened: Boise Police, including Neighborhood Contact Officers and property crimes detectives, investigating burglary reports, were able to get from witnesses and victims good descriptions of a woman possibly involved in these crimes. 

    In some cases, citizens gave officers a description of a woman seen peering into home windows.

    Monday, Jan. 5, a citizen in the North End reported to Boise Police she had helped a woman get her car unstuck from the snow. The woman then asked to use the citizen's home bathroom. Detectives believe the woman went into the bathroom, unlocked the window, waited for the resident to leave, then burglarized the home (Narad is charged in this case). 

    Officers following up on the victim and witness descriptions were able to identify Narad as the suspect. During a search warrant served at the suspect's home last night near 28th & State, officers found the home filled with dozens of stolen items.   

    "Citizens need to know the ways criminals get inside their homes, so they can make decisions about how to protect themselves," said Sgt. Randy Buzzini of the Boise Police Property and Financial Crimes Unit.

    "Prying doors, breaking windows, finding unlocked doors or windows are all ways we're seeing thieves get into homes, " said Buzzini. "We want citizens to know these things so they can make educated decisions about ways to keep themselves safe."

    Motive: In this case, detectives believe the suspect would get into homes mainly through unlocked doors or windows, or by prying doors or windows open. Officers also believe the suspect was stealing from homes and often trading the stolen items for drugs.

    Additional Victims: Officers will be contacting victims in the next few days to identify property. Again, at this time, detectives are still investigating this case in an effort to connect this suspect to reported home burglaries. 


   Boise Police urge citizens to help officers by keeping an eye out on their neighborhood, and take measures to protect their own homes:

Private Home Security:

  • Even a secure home may be burglarized. Keep valuables hidden or locked away, even inside your home. Boise Police recommend a fireproof safe for valuables and important documents.
  • Use a digital camera to photo or video your valuable items, including jewelry and electronics. Serial numbers, when available, are also helpful for officers in tracking and locating stolen items.
  • Keep your home well lit, and your landscaping trimmed, in both front and back, so doors and windows are easily seen at all times at all angles. Consider keeping a radio on when you're not home.
  • Install a high quality dead bolt lock on doors. Officers have found stronger, better quality dead bolts can sometimes prevent a suspect from easily kicking or breaking in a door.

Neighborhood Security:

  • Call police (911) anytime you see anything potentially suspicious, even in the daylight! We might not consider something suspicious at 2:00 p.m. that we might suspect at 2:00 a.m., but remember, burglaries are happening in the daytime!
  • Watch out for your Neighbors! Call police if you spot something or someone suspicious around a neighbors home. Something suspicious might be a parked car with people sitting inside who aren't known to neighbors; someone walking down the street looking into windows; or someone walking up to a neighbors home who you know is on vacation.
  • Start a Neighborhood Watch Program! Knowing your neighbors and knowing how to contact them at work or on vacation can be crucial to neighborhood safety. To learn more about the Boise Police Department's Neighborhood Watch Program, please call 577-3851.