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Friday, December 19, 2008

12-19-08 Boise PD to Begin Extra Holiday DUI Patrols

12-19-08 Boise PD to Begin Extra Holiday DUI Patrols

    Boise, Dec. 19, 2008 - Boise Police are increasing the number of officers on the streets looking strictly for drunk drivers.

    "We've had some very serious DUI-related crashes in the city this year," said Sgt. Lori Sperry of the Boise Police Night STEP team. The Boise Police Night STEP unit is a team of officers specially trained in DUI detection, arrests, and prosecution.

    "Sadly, our reports show young people suffer the most from DUI crashes. Especially as families gather for the holidays, we want them to stay safe in their travels, safe on the roads, and safe in our city." said Sgt. Sperry.

  • Between January 1, 2008 and Dec. 18, 2008, Boise Police made at least 1975 DUI arrests.
  • Beginning Dec. 22nd through Jan. 4th, 2009, Boise Police will use a $10,000 state grant to pay overtime for officers on the lookout for DUI's.
  • National statistics show drivers ages 21 - 24 have the highest level of involvement in alcohol-related fatal crashes during the holiday period. It also shows the high representation of impaired driving in the 15 - 20 year old age group, a group that legally, is too young to consume alcohol.

    Boise City Attorney Cary Colaianni praised the work of the Boise Police Night STEP team at their briefing tonight, and reaffirmed to the officers the dedication of his prosecutors to enforcing DUI laws in Boise. 

    "You don't want to meet my prosecutors in court," said Colaianni. "We will send drunk drivers to jail."

    "With our refinement of screening DUI cases for enhancement, our new case management system, and our prosecutor’s belief that DUI crimes are serious and deserve to be vigorously prosecuted, our DUI conviction rate will continue to remain as high as any city in the nation." said Colaianni.

  • Since June 1st, 2008, the City Attorney’s office has 1,595 new DUI cases.
  • Boise City Attorney's have a better than 90% conviction rate on DUI cases.
  • The City Attorney's Office has implemented a new system of review for DUI cases that ensures those people who have had a previous DUI conviction in Idaho or any other state, will be prosecuted for a DUI with enhanced penalties, up to and including felony prosecution by the Ada County Prosecutor.